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terra incOgnitO

cOncerning Abu GraibcOncerning Abu Graib
terra incOgnitO
Joseph Nechvatal
March 26th – April 25th
Wm Turner gallery, Atlanta

In the exhibition terra incOgnitO, computer viruses and computer-assisted paintings address a psychic departure from the shadow world connected to the abuses at Abu Graib.

Review of ASTRONOME by Richard Foreman and John Zorn

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ASTRONOME : A Night at the Opera
A Richard Foreman and John Zorn's music/theater collaboration

ECAM 2008 conference in Mexico City

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ECAM 2008 conference in Mexico CityECAM 2008 conference in Mexico City
Cybism @ ECAM 2008 Mexico City

These brief words are an attempt to outline for ECAM 2008 what I am calling Cybism by stating what I take to be its underlying attributes.

Noise music

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Noise music is a term used to describe varieties of avant-garde music and sound art that may use elements such as cacophony, dissonance, atonality, noise, indeterminacy, and repetition in their realization.

Rhizomatic Rauschenberg : A personal appreciation on the occasion of Robert Rauschenberg's death

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A personal appreciation on the occasion of Robert Rauschenberg's death

I was born in 1951, a clean slate, the same year Robert Rauschenberg accomplished his famous series of white interactive paintings. It seems to me he has been inter-filling my mind in ever since; though we never met.

I was trying to remember how I first became aware of his work: but of course it was through the mechanically reproduced. As a freshman at
Hinsdale High School I purchased a copy of Calvin Tomkins’s book "Ahead of the Game" (I still own it! – the cover incorporates "L.H.O.O.Q." by Marcel
Duchamp), in which Rauschenberg was introduced to me via Duchamp, John Cage and Jean Tinguely. I think I had been prepared to become devoted to his combination-permutation sensibility because I had been highly excited, as a 10 year old boy, by the Dada collages I had discovered in the Max Ernst exhibition I saw the summer of 1961 at the Art Institute of Chicago.

viral symphOny 4th movement

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viral symphonyviral symphony
The viral symphOny 4th movement has been web published here:

Tellus #20 Media Myth web published @

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Tellus 20 Media MythTellus 20 Media MythTellus 20 :: Media Myth 2Tellus 20 :: Media Myth 2

Tellus #20 Media Myth has been web published as mp3s at

Curated by Joseph Nechvatal

Cover art by Steve Parrino

Total time: 64:38

Joseph Nechvatal on the Influence of Gilles Deleuze

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Gilles DeleuzeGilles Deleuze

What is real is the becoming itself, the block of becoming, not supposedly fixed terms through which that which becomes passes.
- Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari, A Thousand Plateaus


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