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Artistics Truths in 21C


rantapod-023rantapod-023Art is about seeking and finding a truth. Perhaps it's a small truth that is so powerful that it becomes a universal truth. In the art of the 21st century media art is the vehicle. Digital media allows you to section and repeat time. It compresses space.

Digit Media Festival call


I've been involved with this for a couple of years. It started out as a a film festival but I've been pushing to turn it into a new media festival. For the film festival you have to send in your video with a 25 dollar fee. There's also a call for new media proposals which is free. The cool events will be at the Roebling Bridge for sound art and Bethel Woods Art Center (the old woodstock hippie site). we're calling this Podstock.



Sound Art is everywhere these days. Peter Sinclair and his experimental soundlab Locus Sonus have a video up on the web called Audio Geo. I'm trying to get Locus Sonus over here for the Digit Festival in August. The grant forms are in and we are keeping our fingers crossed.

MTAA has a podcast blog called To Be Listened To...



There's so much happening that I decided to send out a small newsletter to keep you informed. This will be infrequent. At the most once a week. Of course if you don't want to receive this just let me know.

Here we go;-)

rantapod is being featured on the afflatus project site This is a site that presents projects for handheld and mobile devices. They come out of England. rantapod has also been accepted by iTunes. You can download m4v files direct to your video iPod here

Bay Buchanan says Blame The Victim


Bay Buchanan goes on CNN and says that Americans are tired of hearing about Katrina victims. Does the Republican media machine have no shame? Here's some blogs who take issue with Bay.

Armenian Genocide


rantapod-021rantapod-021The internet is an information tool. It's also a mis-information tool. Some of the more gruesome kidnapping videos posted on the internet from Iraq may be faked. Politicians of every stripe see the internet as a tool for re-arranging the truth to make it more to their liking. In the environment of Bush Whitehouse demagoguery we are in a world of George Orwell 1984 style doublethink. In this realm are a whole host of White supremacists, Moslem fundamentalists, and genocide denial groups. One of the most insidious is the Turkish government which refuses to admit the Ottoman genocide against the Armenians. Since I am Armenian I know more about this than the average American. I grew up with stories from my grandmother and all the adults (I was raised in the Armenian community of Watertown, Massachusetts)about the Armenian Genocide. I happened upon a report by an American professor by the name of Justin A. McCarthy.Justin A. McCarthy, a Ph.D professor at the University of Louisville denies the Armenian genocide ever took place. Holocaust denial and genocide denial are increasingly tools of the power elite. Look at George Bush. He's perfected lying and denial to a high art.

Art Dirt Redux - One Year Out


Trying to measure something like the success of Art Dirt Redux is rather difficult. I look at it as an artwork that Rob Murphy sometimes collaborates on with me. I do see it as a media art piece. When Rob and I walk around and look at galleries there is an art history and aesthetic discourse, a shared language of conventions. When I start to edit and layer the sound it is after the fact in the studio. The audio recorder is a dumb instrument or maybe a disinterested third party. It records all things equally. It doesn’t filter out background noise or zoom in on someone’s voice the way the human mind and ear do. What it does is present me with a way to read alternative ways of hearing and present those in the final edited piece.

American Monster


rantapod-020rantapod-020Americans have become monsters led by their Chief President Monster George W. Bush. Americans have become a country of cheats and liars lead by their President George W. Bush the top cheat and liar. Americans, aren't you disgusted with yourselves? What happened to the bright beacon of hope? Will you continue to let all the greedy lying power mad people, greedy corporations and their toadies manipulate you? wake up. Clean yourself up. Get rid of these monsters before it's too late.

How Sad for America


How sad for America. Instead of reality, the majority of Americans believe TV propoganda. That is the incredible sadness of America. It has lost touch with concrete reality. It prefers the false spectacle of the screen. It's people can be told any sort of lie and they will believe it as truth.

Abu Ghraib TV


The notion of the transgressive in art was supposed to be a send up or making fun of the Bourgeoisie.

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