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Hello Korea #4: 4th Int'l Media Art Biennale Seoul 2006

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Han-Su Lee

Leandro Erlich

Matilde Ter Heijen

It REALLY feels dated to critique anything that contains the word Media Art nowadays. There is absolutely no reason that one can continue the ever-lasting debate on the step-daughter Media Art and why she - arguably- is yet not emancipated enough to be fully adopted into the rest of the family of all "new" Fine Arts disciplines. However, it is a boomerang question that has traveled from the West to the East. Media Art Biennials and fairs are mushrooming - and here in Seoul strongly present. ...

Hello Korea #3: Back in the GDR!

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found in Mugeodong, Ulsan, South Korea.
A real shocker for Germans - The old nick name for the Deustche Demokratische Republik (DDR) was "Zone"- short for Soviet Occupied Zone. Nowadays a Korean Game Parlor.
More of such parallel suprises around the DMZ?

Hello Korea #2: Busan Biennal (A Tale of Two Cities)

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Karyn Olivier: Coffee Table 2000 2005

DeJong and Oursler, Nov 8

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Video Artists in Conversation


Wednesday Nov 8

DeJong and Oursler will present new work
and discuss their long-standing collaboration.

Constance DeJong has made performance and video extensions of her writing,
presenting oral adaptations of her published texts. Since the creation of
her first novel Modern Love (1978) - published in serial form as mail art

Hello Korea #1 situation compromettante


Greetings from Ulsan, South Korea.
Comrades from Hyundai salute New York. Party today.

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