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Nine Gavin Browns


Nine Gavin Browns

United We Stand Review


United We StandPostmasters Gallery

Review of THING.residency artists  0100101110101101.ORG, "United We Stand," Dec. 10-23, 2005 & Jan. 3-21, 2006, at Postmasters Gallery, 459 W. 19th St., New York, N.Y. 10011 

Good Vibrations 1


Art Dirt Redux on Yahoo!

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Yahoo! is indexing podcasts, including Art Dirt Redux

THE THING, Death Star, December 2, 2005


Pictures from the Death Star, December 2, 2005

Death Star 4





Chapter 3, verses 6-9

As the sun reached it's zenith on the seventh day the mountains did quake and Rob crieth out, 'Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani'?

But help cometh not from above, nor from the right or left. Cometh it not from the fires of Sheol. It cometh not from the Rockerfeller Foundation. Neither from the Ford. It cometh not from grass roots funding agencies nor from the National Endowment for the Arts. It cometh not from PBS, NBC, CNN nor from the Disney channel. And as the silence of the grants filled the heavens with emptiness the prophet became sorely vexed. Robin wept.

REFRESH! Archive


REFRESH! The First International Conference on the Histories of Media Art, Science and Technology Conference: September 28 – October 1, 2005

Link to archives

The Refresh! conference was hosted by the BNMI, Leonardo / ISAST, and the Database for Virtual Art and was generously supported by Social Science and Humanities Research Council, Canada, Daniel Langlois Foundation, Telefilm Canada, Canada Council for the Arts, Goethe-institute, Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, Villa Vigoni, UNESCO DigiArts, INTEL and ITAU Cultural.

This Refresh! archive forms a unique educational resource for new media practitioners, historians and learners. Recognizing the increasing significance of media art for our culture, the Refresh! conference on the Histories of Media Art discussed for the first time the history of media art within the interdisciplinary and intercultural contexts of the histories of art.

Leonardo/ISAST, Banff New Media Institute the Database for Virtual Art and UNESCO DigiArts collaborated to produce the first international art history conference covering art and new media, art and technology, art-science interaction, and the history of media as pertinent to contemporary art.

What I Did Today: 11/16/05


Bored at the Death Star I ventured out today:

Somehow I missed out on the  Mike Kelley gene  because I've never thought much of his work even though I do admit to a bit of sympathy for what he tries to do. Alas, there's no sparks, not even in the acres and acres of work now at Gagosian in Chelsea titled "Day is Done". I do admit that he's got the whole schizophrenic market cornered but others do it much more economically. And what's with the ridiculous report on the opening by David Rimanelli on the Artforum site:

THE THING Housewarming


THE THING housewarming and welcome for THING.residency artists Jan Gerber and Daniel Pflumm

The Death Star, NYC
November 9, 2005

left: Joerg Lohse strikes a pose


Liberty, fraternity and equality...


GH and I were talking about this just this morning  at breakfast and he came to the same conclusion, that the riots in France not about poverty or religion but about the police.


November 9, 2005

Inside French Housing Project, Feelings of Being the Outsiders

ÉVRY, France, Nov. 8 - Amin Kouidri, 20, has been hunting for a job for more than two years now and spends his days drifting around a government housing project here under the watchful gaze of France's national police.

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