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Excercises in Memory, Essex - England



Estuary fisherman and what’s left of going to sea
A sage at the edge of the day
Short houses and large laughing as feet pound into stillness
Deciding upon a sweeter solace something smoother, completed with the brine of olives. Cockles and soft prawns defeating the distance of larger moments of precarity
Storming through with hail the size of tiny eggs
Ice nightingales turning their gaze to take along the horizon for an exchange of the spirit,

EZLN: A letter of explanation...or, perhaps, farewell


Originally published in Spanish by the EZLN ******************************** Translated by irlandesa

Zapatista Army of National Liberation


June 21, 2005.

To National and International Civil Society:

Senora, senorita, senor, young person, boy, girl:

This is not a letter of farewell. At times it is going to seem as if it is, that it is a farewell, but it is not. It is a letter of explanation. Well, that is what we shall attempt. This was originally going to go out as a communique, but we have chosen this form because, for good or for bad, when we have spoken with you we have almost always done so in this most personal tone.

sneak attack on the web


There is news from the world of adult entertainment that is of big interest to Constitutional Rights. This really is no joke! I feel that Attorney General Gonzalez is trying to shut down blogs and internet free speech since the Downing Street Memos got internet publicity the "news" media ignored. For whatever the reason, Gonzalez is on the warpath against the adult websites and it is important to free speech for all to pay attention.

Robert Smithson at the Whitney Museum


Art Dirt Redux mp3 (rough)

Spiral Jetty has such an iconic place in American art -- for some nearly a fetish -- it's easy to forget Robert Smithson was very much at home within the confines of interior spaces making more traditional objects and images. The retrospective of his work opening today at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York is beautifully and thoughtfully installed so that even his most esoteric meanderings into visualizing entropy are provided a context through his films, drawings, paintings, collages and even his slide lectures.

Teleporting over the internet


Computer scientists in the US are developing a system which would allow people to "teleport" a solid 3D recreation of themselves over the internet.

Professors Todd Mowry and Seth Goldstein of Carnegie Mellon University in Pennsylvania think that, within a human generation, we might be able to replicate three-dimensional objects out of a mass of material made up of small synthetic "atoms".

Cameras would capture the movement of an object or person and then this data would be fed to the atoms, which would then assemble themselves to make up an exact likeness of the object.

Microsoft works on own BitTorrent


Microsoft works on own BitTorrent
Microsoft researchers in Cambridge, UK, are developing their own peer-to-peer file-sharing software.
Codenamed Avalanche, the program makes it easy to share content by dividing files such as software, audio or video, into chunks, much like BitTorrent.

Using "network coding", it can re-create missing blocks of data that can be used in place of missing chunks.

Morphs- One year out.


I’ve been working with a simple morph program for about a year now morphing photos of objects one into another. The labor is beginning to bear fruit. The process is a painstaking one. I start with a 10 frame morph then I create 9 short inter-frame morphs. Doing it this way I am able to control and manipulate the way the objects and shapes move as they transform one into another. The effect is eerie. The motion appears at times to be similar to a time-lapse photograph of a flower growing. At other times the movement has the disjunctive motion similar to a new-born baby who hasn’t learned to control its muscles yet.

Bogyi Boogie

Bogyi Boogie

Bogyi Banovich (right) rocks out at the Postmasters Battle of the Bands: Bogyi Boogie!

Downing Street Memo T-shirts


Only problem with this is if someone did ask me about the memo I wouldn't have the facts handy to tell them. A better idea is to print the memo itself on a t-shirt.

Downing Street Memo T-shirt

Downing Street Memo t-shirts now AVAILABLE!

Help spread the word about the Downing Street Memo and help AMERICAblog at the same time. You too can be a t-shirt activist! We've got 15 varieties to choose from, men's and women's, yellow, white, pink, tank tops, etc. Let's face it folks, you wear this t-shirt and people are gonna ask :-)

What can performance do for human rights, and human rights for performance?


Call for proposals and ideas

Performance Studies International #12
Queen Mary, University of London, in collaboration with East End Collaborations and the Live Art Development Agency (UK).

15-18 June 2006

PSi #12: Performing Rights
What can performance do for human rights, and human rights for performance?

PSi #12: Performing Rights will be a gathering of artists, activists and academics who are making and researching performance that declares its interest and intent within the field of Human Rights. PSi #12 is being approached as a festival of creative dialogues investigating the boundaries and relationships between Human Rights and performance and will present an integrated schedule of conference and contextualising events.

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