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Neocons in Cheney's Office Fund al Qaeda

Neocons in Cheney's Office Fund al Qaeda-Tied Groups ... and No One Cares?

By Tom Engelhardt, Tomdispatch. com. Posted March 17, 2007. 49275/

Seymour Hersh's recent report that Iran-Contra veterans working out of Dick Cheney's office are using stolen funds from Iraq to arm al Qaeda-tied groups and foment a larger Sunni-Shia war is a very big deal.

Let me see if I've got this straight.

Higher Regional Court says online demonstration is not force

02.06.2006 15:16
Higher Regional Court says online demonstration is not force

Almost a year after the first-instance court of Frankfurt sentenced the initiator of an online demonstration against Lufthansa to pay a fine, the Higher Regional Court has overruled the lower court's verdict in its ruling of May 22 published yesterday and found the accused not guilty. The judges mainly questioned the definition of the use of force on which the lower court had based its ruling.

he Resistance Studies Network

Abstract: Understanding "Digital Resistance" (ESA Conference 3-6 Sept

Our paper explore the state of a specific method of resistance: ICT
based collective resistance ("digital resistance") and in particular
the maturity and description of digital resistance. Of particular
interest to this study is the role of technological infrastructure in
forming the content and form of acts of resistance.

Electronic Vigil in Solidarity with Iranian Women's Rights Activists

Happy International Women's Day!

Please join us in an ongoing electronic vigil in
solidarity with women's rights activists in Iran at:

On Sunday, 4 March 2007, the police and security forces violently
attacked and arrested 33 women's rights activists as they stood in
peaceful protest outside the Revolutionary Court in Tehran. The

NeoCon's 7 Terror War(s)

NeoCon's 7 Terror War(s)

March 4th, 2007
Jonathan Schwarz:
The Seven War Memo

Hey, Congressional Democrats? Now would be a good time to use that subpoena power of yours:

AMY GOODMAN: Do you see a replay in what happened in the lead-up to the war with Iraq — the allegations of the weapons of mass destruction, the media leaping onto the bandwagon?

CFP Artivisti07 :: un.occupied spaces

A r t i v i s t i c 2 0 0 7
[ 25-27 October (tbc) :: Montreal ]


[ [ [ un.occupied spaces ] ] ]

We are infiltrating all levels of society. Artists, activists, academics,
architects, bureaucrats, the homeless, anarchists, first nations, immigrants,

How Workers Run Argentina's “Recuperated Workplaces”

In a previous post, we described the process by which workers in 200 workplaces in Argentina occupied their workplaces and began running them themselves. In this post we will examine how the workplaces are actually run and how their workers are dealing with the managerial, economic, legal, and political questions that arise when workers try to run their own workplaces. Much of our information comes from a new book edited by Marina Sitrin called “Horizontalism: Voices of Popular Power in Argentina” (Oakland, CA: AK Press, 2006).

Notes on Paolo Virno in Buenos Aires

Notes on Paolo Virno in Buenos Aires

Maribel Casas-Cortés + Sebastián Cobarrubias (part of the Notas Rojas Translation Network)

Federico Geller

Virno’s visit to Buenos Aires in September 2006, invited by Colectivo Situaciones and Tinta Limon press, brought new perspectives into a public space characterized by the lack of a radical critique to the state. This absence is due in part to the notable recovery, although incomplete, of the institutional legitimacy of the state in Argentina and neighboring countries.

Networked Politics

Networked Politics: rethinking political organisation in an age of
movements and networks

/Networked Politics/ is the product of a collaborative research process
for rethinking political organisation in an age of movements and
networks. In a world where the traditional institutions of democratic

Another Year is Possible!

Another Year is Possible!
Flashlights in the Tunnel of Hate


To purloin a bit of Brecht, this is indeed a dark age. The war grinds on like an unbending migraine. While the vultures chow down on the bones of
Iraq, Bush grows more surly with each new massacre and the democrats,despite their constituents' disgust with this carnage that brought the party
pyrrhic victory in November, vote up fresh billions to feed the American

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