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Fear of torture - What to do


12 December 2006

Fear of torture or ill-treatment/incommunicado detention

At least 149 people in detention.

The authorities have brought serious criminal charges, reportedly
including ''terrorism'', against 138 detainees held in a federal prison
in Nayarit state. They were arrested during the 25 November
demonstrations in Oaxaca. In many cases, those arrested were reportedly

global security alliance

GSA provides a rich spectrum of system solutions and individual applications for a diversity of requirements. The broad range of task reaches from issues of security esthetics, symbolic and mental
defense, to consensual manipulation, deep structural analysis and artistic personal protection.

Oaxaca Update

From IndymediaFrom Indymedia

by Jacob Muller

Tensions run high in the city of Oaxaca following the recent wave of
apprehensions and detentions. On November 24 and 25 alone, 141
people were detained, and detentions have continued.

G20 Virtual Sit-In

Whats happening?

At midday on Friday the 17th of November the Online Resistance
Alliance is calling a virtual sit-in of the website. Starting
at midday, this action shall continue for half an hour each day, until
the conference finalises on Sunday the 19th, with the largest action
to take place on Saturday the 18th. This has been organised to
coincide with and complement the vast street protests taking place in

Guerrilla bombs in D.F. complicate Oaxaca crisis (Oxford Analytica, 08.11)

MEXICO: Guerrilla attacks complicate Oaxaca crisis
(Oxford Analytica, 08.11)

Wednesday, November 8 2006
EVENT: Several bombs exploded in Mexico City on November 6.

SIGNIFICANCE: The bombings further complicate the political situation three weeks before Felipe Calderon takes office as president, and add an additional dimension to problems in the southern state of Oaxaca. Further attacks cannot be discounted.

Intentional ECD action on Mexican .gov supported by CAL IT2


Hola all,

Thanks for notification.

But, I do want to inform you that ProHosting Security Department description
of e-action is incorrect - this was not DDOS. This was an intentional Electronic Civil Disobedience (ECD) gesture (is based on research b.a.n.g lab to develop mass non-violent direct action on-line). This research is supported
by CAL IT2.

Just for clarification: DDOS is a technical condition based on anonymous technically efficient code that works and represents the work

Protesters in Oaxaca Push Riot Police Back and New Electronic Blockade


In Oaxaca, Violence Erupts Near Campus
Battles Between Police, Protesters End Two Days of Relative Calm in
Mexican City

By Manuel Roig-Franzia
Washington Post Foreign Service
Friday, November 3, 2006; A25

OAXACA, Mexico, Nov. 2 -- Thick black smoke darkened the sky over Benito
Juarez Autonomous University on Thursday as Oaxaca erupted in the most
intense fighting since federal police occupied the city on Sunday.

One Hundred Days Into the Oaxaca Commune


A Successful Assault on Power is
By Alberto Hijar

September 9, 2006
This report appears on the internet at

Brutal, forced globalization and the downfall of Soviet and European
socialism demand the deconstruction of historical power blocs. In Mexico,
the defeat of the Institutional Revolution Party (PRI in its Spanish
initials) forms part of the corporately legitimized political and economic

Syntax in the Revolution


Mexico City

Also check out:

The seven-judge panel known as the TRIFE, charged with deciding the
legitimacy of Mexico's murky July 2 election and confirming the new
president, is the nation?s court of last resort. What the judges
decree is literally the last word, the end of the line; there is no

On September 5, the last day the Constitution mandated the TRIFE to

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