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The Spectre of Particle Capitalism

An Essay by Keith Sanborn

For *Particles of Interest: Tales from the Matter Markets*
By Diane Ludin and Ricardo Dominguez

A Transvergence Beta Project For:
ZeroOne San Jose: A Global Festival of Art on the Edge &
the Thirteenth International Symposium of Electronic Art
(ISEA2006) AUGUST 7-13, 2006

*The Spectre of Particle Capitalism*




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Global Webcast, Saturday, August 12 2006, 9-11 PM (CET)
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Outraged at Israel's ongoing aggression on Lebanon - which since July 12 2006 has killed over 900 people (mostly civilians), displaced nearly one million people (1/4 of Lebanon's entire population), and wrecked Lebanon's infrastructure and economy - we say: khalas! enough!

Beirut exbitition 'Fossils' drew on memories of transitory existence


Exhibition looks back on Beirut's violent past, now made cruelly present 'Fossils' drew on memories of transitory existence

By Kaelen Wilson-Goldie
Daily Star staff
Saturday, July 22, 2006

Rayanne Tabet's installation "Fossils" should have been the last of its kind.

An arrangement of vintage suitcases covered in concrete, Tabet's piece carries the immediacy of Mona Hatoum's "Traffic" (a 2002 sculpture of two suitcases with human hair spilling out) and the solemnity of Rachel Whiteread's "Untitled (Pair)" (a 1999 installation of 18 cast bronze mortuary slabs).

Is U.S. now in World War III, IV, or V?


Right-wing media divided: Is U.S. now in World War III, IV, or V?

With the recent escalation of violence in the Middle East and a terrorist attack in Mumbai, India, the right-wing media have declared a new "world war" but have not agreed upon which world war the United States now faces: World War III, IV, or V.

* World War III?

Most recently, on the July 13 edition of Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor, host Bill O'Reilly said "World War III ... I think we're in it." Similarly, on the July 13 edition of MSNBC's Tucker, a graphic read: "On the verge of World War III?" As Media Matters for America has noted, CNN Headline News host Glenn Beck began his program on July 12 with a discussion with former CIA officer Robert Baer by saying "we've got World War III to fight," while also warning of "the impending apocalypse." Beck and Baer had a similar discussion on July 13, in which Beck said: "I absolutely know that we need to prepare ourselves for World War III. It is here."

Walid Raad in Beirut 2 + Fisk


Here in Beirut, it seems as if the war has not really started. The
sounds, sights, images, and words we are seeing and hearing are
familiar. We saw them in 1982, in Iraq and Palestine, time and time
again. It feels like 1982, and 1948 (as Rasha Salti reminded us in
her last posting) all in one again. So far, this war follows the
path of the one the Americans launched in Iraq. The air war the

Over A Million Demand Recount - Plus Florida Con Salsa


Hola all,

While the NYTimes gives a count of 200,000 plus. La Jornada in
Mexico says the numbers were 1.1 million to 1.5 million. That the
march went from the Zocalo to the edge of Mexico City. D.F.

July 17, 2006
Crowds Rally Again to Demand Recount in Mexico

MEXICO CITY, July 16 . For the second time in eight days, thousands of

Another Beirut update


From: zena []
Sent: Sunday, July 16, 2006 8:24 PM
To: beautiful beirut
Subject: Another Beirut update

I have started coughing, but I don't know why. I am not sick. I don't have a
cold. I think it's a reaction I'm having to stress. My body feels weak. My
mouth is always dry, no matter how much water I drink. And I'm afraid to
drink too much water because I don't want it to run out!

From Walid Raad in Beirut.


This morning


Yet another day of bombing all over the place. In the mountain here, we were subject to about three different bombing runs: 1 to continue destroying the Beirut to Damascus road; another to destroy the cell phone antennas; and another to again hit the Beirut to Damascus road. Just a few minutes ago, the house was shaking again, and I only assume the Israelis are pounding the same area. The safe areas are much further to the north, the northeastern enclave, an area traditionally christian. Listening to Nasrallah's speech tonight was not reassuring one bit. After pleading with the Lebanese to stand firm, and after denouncing Arab government leaving Lebanon to pay the price for Israeli aggression, he asked us all to look at sea and watch the Israeli gunboat that had been pounding the coast and hills all day. he said that it was about to be hit by a HizbAllah missile. He promised that it will burn, that it will sink, that its sailors will die. It made me sickto my stomach, almost as much as it makes me sick to hear Olmert, Bush, the Saudi, and Palestinian position about this. Nasrallah also called for an open war against Israel, and that he will hit Haifa, and what is behind Haifa, and behind and behind Haifa. What this means remains unlcear. But clearly it is worrying. Within minutes of the speech, parts of West Beirut were celebrating. The city is about to be reduced to rubble, and fireworks are being fired in the air. Incredible. Al-Jazeera and most local networks pointed their lenses towards to sea, to look for a missile launch, which came but was not visible. This is just not good. This is just about to get worse. I dont know what to think anymore. Pundits are speculating, making noise: Did HizbAllah need to drag Lebanon into this mess at this time? How can HizbAllah monopolize the decision to launch a war, to destroy the country? Others are convinced that Israel is simply intent on enforcing resolution 1559, namely to disarm HizbAllah by force. HizbAllah is asking everyone to stand form, and to be patient. This has happened before and we have triumphed. We will triumph again, they say. Whatever all this leads to, one thing is certain, the scale of the destruction is enormous. People are dying in the south and elsewhere. Too many. The bombing has moved to the north and in the past hour positions inside Syria were hit. Iran has said that were Syria to be hit, they will respond. A regional war? What's going on?

Death by Video: Mexico's Election Fraud Is Coming Undone


Video and Audio Evidence, an Outraged Citizenry, and Panic from the White House Are Converging to Make Lo'pez Obrador the Next Mexican President

By Al Giordano
Part III of a Special Series for The Narco News Bulletin

July 11, 2006
This report appears on the internet at

At six p.m. last night, Monday, July 10, neighbors of the office of the

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