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Mohawk Nation Fights Back Against Police Invasion


Mohawk nation braces for WAR!

The Mohawk Nation is once again under attack in the land white men call "Canada." Check out this story from Radio Indymedia: 3,000 plus troops are occupying Mohawk land, and people are expecting imminent attack aimed at seizing more tribal land in a "reposession" of Native land by whites- RED ALERT!


See these solidarity site for Updates

iMigrate Actions


General Strike May 1st | No Work | No School | No Buying Anything

Quick on the heels of the massive March 25th mobilizations and the student walkouts during the following week, April 10th was a historic day of action for immigrant rights across the USA. Tens of thousands of people took the streets in Los Angeles and in Santa Ana, while 5,000 marched in St. Louis and 10,000 raised their voices in the largest march in Fresno's history. San Diego also made history with a march of up to 100,000 people on April 9th. There were mobilizations in the Bay Area, in Tennessee, in Rochester, NY, and in DC. In Portland, up to 8,000 marched, while thousands gathered in Love Park in Philly. Allies mobilized in Pittsburgh. In Arizona, people were on the move in Flagstaff. There were major marches and actions in NYC and Boston, and Houston Indymedia provided a blow by blow of actions in Texas. In Puerto Rico, hundreds took the streets of Barrio Obrero. (These amazing stories are just a small sample of coverage of April 10th actions across the country; for more go to your local IMC.) Congress has been forced to backpeddle on brutal anti-immigrant legislation, but they are nowhere near to meeting the demands of the movement, especially amnesty for all. So the movement for immigrant justice keeps rising, with more major actions planned in the coming weeks: April 15th is a student day of action, and May 1st will be a historic day of action, with calls for a general strike, boycott, no sales or purchases, walkouts, marches, and actions in financial centers and at anti-immigrant corporations throughout the country.

Idealism, Realism and U.S. Foreign Policy


By George Friedman


Iran says it has enriched uranium. Hosni Mubarak is claiming that Shia in Sunni states are traitors to their countries. The French are in political and economic gridlock. With all these urgent things going on, it seems to us that it is time to talk of something important, something that has driven and divided American politics for centuries and will continue to do so: the argument between those who have been called idealists and those who have been labeled realists in U.S. foreign policy.

Maquila Violence in Mexico - Dispatch from Mexico's Internal Border


The Other Campaign at Mexico's Internal Border

March, 2006
John Gibler

On February 14, the day sub-comandante Marcos arrived in the city of Puebla as part of his six-month journey across the country to listen to the voices of the underdogs of the Mexican left, the national newspaper La Jornada carried on its front page the most convincing advertisement for the Zapatistas' Other Campaign to appear in print.

Bringing Street Protest to Cyberspace In Manila


by Manila Indymedia

A group of online activists offered an alternative space to protest after the Government violently prohibited the streets and freedom parks to exercise
public assembly and practice freedom of speech. The online activists calling themselves BrigadaElektronica electronic disturbance group organized an “electronic sit-in”- bringing street protest actions on cyberspace.

The electronic disturbance group is once again announcing their second electronic sit-in campaign, targeting the Malakanyang website, PNP and Office of the President.

overload some servers here - French CSIRT Response to VR Sit-In


Hola Gregory,

b.a.n.g lab is hosting a VR Sit-In (NOT A DOS - a DOS works/a VR Sit-In is symbolic and does not work) on the French Prime Minister's sites in solidarity with the Univesity Students, Unions and large segment of French Civil Society.

This project was intiated by my border hacklab group as a way to understand the methods and history of Electronic Civil Disobedience that I have been developing as a practice since the mid-80's.

Virtual Sit-In in Solidarity with the Striking Students of France!


//please forward widely//

Virtual Sit-In in Solidarity with the Striking Students of France!
March 16th to the 18th, 2006

We invite people from all over the world who support the french students in resistance and oppose the precaritization of life to join the Electronic Disturbance Theatre and borderlands Hacklab on March 16th and 17th, 2006 to engage in a virtual sit-in on french government websites to demand

Latin American Integration by Noam Chomsky and Bernie Dwyer


Radio Havana Cuba Interview

07, 2006

Bernie Dwyer: I am reminded of a great Irish song called "The West's Awake" written by Thomas Davis in remembrance of the Fenian Uprisingof 1798. It is about the west of Ireland asleep under British rule for hundreds of years and how it awoke from its slumbers and rose up against the oppressor. Could we begin to hope now that the South is awake?

Noam Chomsky: What's happening is something completely new in the history of the hemisphere. Since the Spanish conquest the countries of Latin America have been pretty much separated from one another and oriented toward the imperial power. There are also very sharp splits between the tiny wealthy elite and the huge suffering population. The elites sent their capital; took their trips; had their second homes; sent their children to study in whatever European country their country was closely connected with. [commas better than semi-colons in the preceding sentence.] I mean, even their transportation systems were oriented toward the outside for export of resources and so on.

Phone Jam to Shut Down the Minutemen - February 25, 2005


Phone Jam to Shut Down the Minutemen Recruiting Drive in Philadelphia!

Call the Valley Forge Convention Center and demand that this meeting be canceled: 610-354-8212 and 610-354-8213. Also, please call GF Management. they help to manage the Valley Forge Convention Center: 215-972-2222 and express your displeasure!

The Minutemen Project, a Conservative anti-immigration group with
 strong links to, and overlapping membership with, violent white
 supremacist and neo-Nazi organizations has announced plans to hold a recruitment meeting in Valley Forge, PA on Saturday, February 25, 2005.

Good Bye Reality! How Media Art Died But Nobody Noticed


Subjective notes about Transmediale 2006

by Armin Medosch on Tue, 2006-02-07

The festival Transmediale is one of the oldest and biggest of its  
kind in Europe. Held annually since 1988, it started out as a video  
festival. In the early days the VideoFest, as it was called then,  
featured works which did not fit into the programme of the Berlin  
Film Festival - the star studded - drum role, fanfare - Berlinale. In  
the early 1990s the festival started presenting interactive works on  
CD ROM - I think this was called multi-media at the time. With  
changing technologies - adopting net art and generative and software  
art in the late 1990s - the festival kept true to its beginnings by  
maintaining the notion of critically engaging with new technologies  
and presenting a broad spectrum of alternative currents in art,  
technology and related theoretical production.

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