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Pissed Off Artists Allegedly Urinate on Kruger Art

Pissed Off Artists Allegedly Urinate on Kruger Art

A group of artist protesters calling themselves "The
Infinity Lab" were arrested Thursday after witnesses
reported acts of vandalism on the new Barbara Kruger
Installation commissioned by University of California
San Diego's Stuart Collection.
The protesters chanted, "Another formulaic Kruger,"

The Intersection of Culture Jamming, Hacking, and Hacktivism

The Intersection of Culture Jamming, Hacking, and Hacktivism--
Pan, Phineas Narco, Tim Maloney, %20, Fred Church, Steev Hise, Ricardo Dominguez, Bernardo Attias, Mark Hosler

Port Huron Project

upcoming reenactments
Part of Creative Time's 2008 public art initiative
Democracy in America: The National Campaign

Cesar Chavez
Based on a 1971 speech by César Chávez
(Performance by Ricardo Dominguez)

6:00 PM, Saturday, July 19, 2008
South Lawn, Exposition Park, Los Angeles

A Hidden Agenda: John McCain and the IR

Presidential hopeful John McCain is hiding a skeleton in his closet. Not your typical political scandal, Senator McCain’s dirty little secret is his longtime involvement with the International Republican Institute (IRI), an organization that operates in 60 countries and is budgeted by millions of US taxpayer dollars each year.

Žižek - Resistance Is Surrender

As with most of Žižek work - I agree with some of some parts and disagree with the other parts. For instance the frame he uses to displace the "left" from the Zapatistas to the Democrats - is that they are bound by a tactical frivolity that is more about humor than one of direct class warfare - well one could say that of all of Žižek work (it is funny, critical, full of love for globalization's pop-culture and he also lacks any push to direct action at the scale of class war that Chávez has done). He also falls into the greater paradigm of immaterial globalization that resists looking at the the situated conditions within each states and to what degree they function as they either function as mediators for neoliberal(isms) or as resistance(s) sites - one can sense the nature of the situated frame of this struggle with the the battle for how Mexican oil and how it will continue to function - as state-owned or as privately owned or how the Zapatistas still view the state as an important component for resistance to globalization/while accepting the process of new networks that flow beyond the state to question the state from within/without - without erasing Mexico as a state - so the long of and short of it is that Žižek is a "subcomediante" himself - which is fine with me, since words and ideas are just as important to me - but, if I ever see him take the reins of the State power like Chávez - it will the funniest revolution ever too happen! and I will certainly be happy to join in!


Say Goodbye to Biotech Party!

Title:Say Goodbye to Biotech Party!
START DATE: Thursday June 19
TIME: 1:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Location Details:
Children's Park Downtown San Diego, Across from the Convention Center

The Getty's "Video Revolutionaries" website attacked by digital artists and "over thrown"! Descendants or Bastard Children of the Getty's "California Video" exhibit?

The Getty-commissioned website,, has allegedly been overthrown by a group of San Diego artists called “The Infinity Lab”. As an offshoot of the "California Video" exhibit currently on display at the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles, CA, the museum had created the "Video Revolutionaries" website as a way for emerging artists to "be a part of the video revolution." The top rated videos were promised a screening at the Getty’s "Fridays Off the 405" event. A monthly event held outdoors in the courtyard of the Getty Center. Part YouTube, part "American Idol," with this Video Revolutionaries website anyone could upload videos, and rate and view other videos. Anyone that was pre-screened by the website’s administrators and allowed on to the website. It was a video art extravaganza--until the contest was abruptly ended by the apparent onslaught of “cheaters”.

Guy Debord's Widow Threatens NYU Professor with Copyright Violation

Guy Debord's Widow Threatens NYU Professor with Copyright Violation

Professor Is Accused of Infringing the Copyright of a Man Who Opposed


Guy Debord, a Marxist philosopher who died in 1994, was no fan of
private property. But apparently his widow is one.

Arizona legislation will outlaw MEChA and Mexican-American Studies

What is crazy below is that no "irony" is found in the folks pushing this measure - American Values (what is that?) and even more "no race based" presence in schools...except "European Civ" (which is never put forth as "white race based" trajectory) - by any logic that should be outlawed as well ;-]!

p.s. They are going to start confiscating books!
[Now that is an American Value!]

Text Message Service for Activists Subpoenaed by New York City

TxtMob, a group SMS service and its creator, Tad Hirsch, a long-time MobileActive colleague, have ben subpoenaed by the city of New York to turn over information about TxtMob users and activists who participated in the 2004 protests against the Republican National Convention there.

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