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Virtual Sit-In Against Nano Bio War Profiteers

Virtual Sit-In Against Nano/Bio War Profiteers!

///please fwd and spread the action!///

This Nano-Virtual-Sit-In is being performed on the 5th anniversary of
the war on Iraq. We have chosen biotech and nanotech corporations and
organizations as our targets, because their science is driven by the war
and drives the war.

The politics of 'Facebook'

With friends like these ...
Facebook has 59 million users - and 2 million new ones join each week. But
you won't catch Tom Hodgkinson volunteering his personal information - not now that he knows the politics of the people behind the social networking

Tom Hodgkinson
The Guardian,

'As We Move' Container Workshop Series

Jamaica Call for Workshop Facilitators

Container Project is inviting individuals and small groups of digital
artists, filmmakers, musicians and creative computer practitioners,
with an interest in community and network practices to participate in
the 5th Anniversary Workshop Series hosted at The Container in Jamaica
in 2008.

Tenured 'Hacktivists' from Wall Street Journal


Tenured 'Hacktivists'

from Wall Street Journal

Back in 1998, the New York Times carried a story on "hacktivism," which it defined as "computer hacking . . . as a means to a political end." Online vandals had broken into government computer systems in China, India, Indonesia, Serbia and Croatia, and inserted their own messages.

SIGN THE *nobordercamp* PETITION

to drop Juan's charges!**
*Sign an online petition to have Juan Ruiz's ridiculous charges dropped!
This petition will be sent to the US Attorney who is prosecuting Juan's
case. Juan's indictment hearing is scheduled in just a few days, on
Thursday, November 29. Sign in support now!

*Sign the petition here

Artivists and Mobile Phones

Artivists and Mobile Phones: The Transborder Immigrant Project

November 17, 2007

Student Hunger Strike at Columbia started today

Why We Strike...

We are on hunger strike because we want change and because we believe
that change is worth sacrifice. We strike against a university that
seems not to care for the well-being of its students or of its
community. We strike because we feel the urgency of a student voice

Seeing through the Smoke: The San Diego Fires - Mike Davis

Seeing through the Smoke: The San Diego Fires

Watch Mike Davis speak on how the right is spinning the tragedy as a triumph of Republican values:

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