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No Borders Camp, November 2007, Calexico/Mexicali

No Border CampNo Border Camp
Welcome to a website for No Borders Camp 2007 - set to take place from November 5-11 on the US/Mexico borderline. THE TIME IS NOW - book a flight, hitch a ride, call your friends. The camp is less than a month away. If you have questions, click on the FAQ. To read an invitation, click here. We hope that this site answers your questions. If not, check our contacts page and e.mail us your question/concern. Along the left side of the page are regularly update links containing news and information. Along the right, you will find a schedule including the growing number of events set to take place the week of the camp. For a glimpse of the borderlands, check out the camp trailer below.

Hosted by bang.lab at CALIT2

Winner Transnational Communities Award

Winner Transnational Communities Award

Artists: Ricardo Domínguez, Brett Stalbaum, Micha Cárdenas y Jason Najarro

Project: Transborder Immigrant Tool (Herramienta Transfronteriza para Inmigrantes)

Country: Estados Unidos

Lo nacional no coincide con los límites establecidos, señala Néstor García Canclini

Turbulence: Ideas for Movement

Issue #1: What would it mean to win?

Turbulence is a journal-cum-newspaper that we hope will become an ongoing
space in which to think through, debate and articulate the political,
social, economic and cultural theories of our movements, as well as the
networks of diverse practices and alternatives that surround them. The first

Transborder Immigrant Tool

Funded by Arts and Humanities (Transborder Grant 2007-8), UCSD.

Transborder Immigrants Tool:
A Mexico/U.S. Border Disturbance Art Project
By Ricardo Dominguez and Brett Stalbaum (Principal Investigators)
(Electronic Disturbance Theater/b.a.n.g lab)


Edited by Katrien Jacobs, Marije Janssen, Matteo Pasquinelli

Editorial Assistance: Geert Lovink, Sabine Niederer
Copy Editing: Wietske Maas - Design: Kernow Craig
Publisher: Institute of Network Cultures
Supported by: Paradiso, Amsterdam
ISBN: 978-90-78146-03-2

Order a copy of this book by sending an email to:
A PDF of this publication can be downloaded for free at [NOT SAFE FOR

Push Bush Out - Rome No Global

:: Push BUSH out! ::
June 9th 07 :: No War & No Bush Day

Against Bush and against the multilateral war of Prodi government "You’re scared, you’re damn scared, you’ll be scared, you’ll be scared to death!"

A careful listener of the words from the texan thief - better known as georgdabbliù Bush - is able to catch this always silent, always untold, but at the same time always spoken subtext. The texan psychopath has a bunch of partners speaking the same language. Sarko, for example, never stops reminding French people that they have to be scared, scared of banlieues, scared of the "racaille". The "comrades" of the Pd learnt the lesson as well: "we are all terribly afraid of gipsies, of prostitutes, of migrants"; it seems that there is only one complaint to be known.

Prelude to the G8: Tearing it up in Hamburg

Prelude to the G8: Tearing it up in Hamburg
By the Anti-G8 Action Faction

May 28th 2007

On their way to block the G8 summit in
Heiligendamm, anti-capitalists from all over
Germany and the world stop in Hamburg to confront
the Asian-European Meeting (ASEM).

Finally, something was happening.

New online journal *Re-public

New online journal *Re-public

has just published the first* part* of its special issue "*Wiki politics*". The issue explores how the use of new collaborative tools (wikis, blogs,
forums, mailing lists, podcasting, and videos) can transform the ways politics are practiced. Articles include:

*McKenzie Wark: Gamer theory for collaborative knowledge production. An interview with the author of *A Hacker's Manifesto* on how wikipedia is an example of a new kind of social relation



Was the November 2006 midterm election an epic political massacre or
just a routine midterm brawl? In the week after the Democratic
victory, partisan spinmeisters offered opinions as contradictory as
those of the protagonists in Rashomon, Kurosawa's famously
relativistic account of rape and murder. On the liberal side, Bob
Herbert rejoiced in his New York Times column that the `fear-induced


The Change You Want to See is thrilled to host author and activist Steve Duncombe for a presentation and discussion of his acclaimed manifesto "Dream: Re-imagining Progressive Politics in an Age of Fantasy”. Beyond talk, this is also an applied strategy session – irrigate the irrational, practice your “spectacular vernacular”, exercise your imagination as we craft a creative street action in support of the Coalition of Imakolee Workers' campaign against McDonald's.

BYOB encouraged, as brainstorm and beer are like butter and bread.

- - - - - -
Tuesday, March 27, at 7:30pm
The Change You Want to See Gallery and Convergence Stage
L to Bedford, G to Metropolitan, J/M/Z to Marcy
84 Havemeyer St, Brooklyn NY 11211 or
Directions at
- - - - - -

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