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Einbruch deer Dunkelheit

Video archive of the Einbruch deer Dunkelheit Conference from January 25/26 at Volksbühne Am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz Berlin.

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Writing on the wall?

German artist Oliver Bienkowski, who projected the words ‘United Stasi of America’ together with a picture of Kim Dotcom on to the wall of the US embassy in Berlin, may face criminal charges.

Surfing with Satoshi

Watch inspector Clouseau looking for Satoshi Nakomoto in the new Alterazioni Video caper at Greene Naftali's "Freak Out" summer show. Filmed in Puerto Rico in February 2013, with Eric Banks, Detective Snyder, Andrea Sassi, Camila Yari and Wolfgang Staehle.

Concrete Poetry

From Capt.C.J.Huntsman: To your urgent attention.


Dont get crossed by my intrusion in your privacy, not knowing you before
but i got to do this since am used to taking risks.I am Capt.Chris Josh
Huntsman, an American soldier with the peace keeping force in Iraq,serving
with the 1st Armored Division in Iraq but have now been redeployed to
Kabul Afghanistan.

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