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Lost Dog Poster


The subversive "lost dog" poster inspired by
Zena's emails (Jennifer Delos Reyes)

I'd seen this poster around the neighborhood (Chelsea, NYC) for the past couple of weeks and found the story behind it via the Palestinian-born artist Emily Jacir:

Electronic Lebanon: Ali La Pointe and Zena's words on the New York streets

"Jennifer was struck by Zena's description of her dog. Jennifer also had noticed how people in the Chelsea district all have dogs and LOVE their dogs so she subverted "lost dog" posters. She made a bunch of posters and underneath the dog she put Zena's description of her dog and how dogs can't be evacuated -- on another poster was the description Zena gave us about her friend's dog. I think I loved this so much because it reminded me of what we used to say in Palestine whenever we were attacked by Israel: "I wish we were animals, then at least the animal rights activists would do something to help us!" The contact number on Jennifer's lost dog posters was to a site that is taking donations to help Lebanese civilians that Zena wrote about in her email."