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inline image previews should work now.

Thanks to Ber Kessels( the [inline] tag for displaying images should work for preview now. Hurray Ber.

could not use inline

Hi darrel

I was unable to use the inline or to have anything else that a "large preview" of a file I uploaded
so I deleted my post which was about his file

maybe it's because the file is over 1Mo ?

thanks for telling me how to fix it!

Image upload HowTO

First go to your blog and choose a type of post such as a blog entry. When the window comes up look below the body text pane to the menu items.

Click on Add Image. This brings up the image assist.
Click on *all images* in the image assist menu. Double click your image to bring up the properties window.

for size choose either *preview* or *other*. leave the link pane on *not a link*. Leave insert mode on *filter tag* go back to your post and hover the cursor where you want to insert the image.Click the mouse to put the cursor there.
go back to the image assist pane and click the insert button below the image. The code will inser into the post. You can edit the code such as change the size or align top , left and you can remove the title. The maximun width for an image is 440px

If you are having trouble you can upload a written piece and send the images to me for insertion. ghh(AT)

re: Image upload HowTO

I don't have "other" as a choice and I do not have a link pane and I have no filter tag and no insert mode... I would tend to think it is because you have a mac and me a pc (with firefox) but the difference seems too big for being just that; I will check with my ubuntu/linux (with firefox)

it's more likely that you have admin rights that I don't have

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