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G20 Virtual Sit-In

Whats happening?

At midday on Friday the 17th of November the Online Resistance
Alliance is calling a virtual sit-in of the website. Starting
at midday, this action shall continue for half an hour each day, until
the conference finalises on Sunday the 19th, with the largest action
to take place on Saturday the 18th. This has been organised to
coincide with and complement the vast street protests taking place in
Melbourne against the 2006 G20 meeting.

How do I participate?

To join the virtual sit-in simply visit
and start downloading some of the many publications available in the 'Publications' section. Once they have finished downloading, download them again, and repeat. Through the collective action of all participants continually requesting information from the G20 server, it will become jammed.

What is the G20?
The 2006 G20 meeting of finance ministers, reserve bank governors and
heads of the World Bank and IMF will take place at the Grand Hyatt in
Melbourne on November 17-19. This will be a great opportunity to
challenge the G20's policies that push corporate-led globalisation,
neoliberalism and capitalism onto the world's people and ecosystems.
For more information please visit

What is electronic civil disobedience (ECD)?
In 1848 Henry David Thoreau published Civil Disobedience stemming from
his own personal refusal to pay a poll tax as an expression of his
opposition to the United States' war against Mexico. Throughout the
last few decades, this tactic has been utilised by numerous grassroots
social movements as an effective tool to voice their opinion. In 1996
with the growing use of the internet to exchange information the
Critical Art Ensemble published their own book, Electronic Civil
Disobedience. For more information see On Electronic Civil
Disobedience by Stefan Wray available at