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Second Life chaos - leads to system wide shutdown!

Well, a quick update on times in Second Life.

Last night was interesting - research continues apace. However, I was there with colleagues Gazira Babeli, and suddenly the Singularity takes place.

Gaz and I wind up in a combat test zone, and we get nuked. Then we go to my Art Center, and there is an invisible box three times the size of the center itself lodged in the floor. Then, about four IMs come up from friends who are; a coder, a madam, an architect, and a writer. Gazira hits a button, and hundreds of images of Georgs Bush fall from the sky, an escort asks me "...what I'm doing today?" while i'm in alt.gender drag...

And then the whole place goes dark. The Metaverse has been offline for nearly 7 hours.

I knew it. Seemed too good to be true. these things always happen when you're having too much fun. Last time this happened was when i set off the cluster bombs in my local sim...

Come on, Lindens - get the machine back up - I want to see the Hydra... I LOVE it when chaos bleeds out into the Grid.

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what exactly happened?