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Hello Korea # 5: There's more!

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Can't help it: In my growing Korea image collection those 9-11s keep emerging. (and all that started with the Hyundai Department Store during the 5th anniversary)
Most noteworthy a wall paper featured at Seoul's Ssamzie Market, in an art/fashion show entitled WAKE UP ANDY WARHOL. This piece shows WTC jumpers as a decorative tile pattern, each tagged with an Andy Warhol siganture.

Remember how Stockhausen's comment got him into big trouble? Andy Andy? This work suggest's a contemporary Disaster Series. Smart-sarcastic Koreans think further.
But then ending up with nothing but provocative wallpaper.
Well, isn't THAT something?" narrow-minded New Yorker (myself included) would ask the rest of the world, full of expectations.
As we New Yorker will judgmentally point at some random phenomena, "Look, there , there and there" , things that accidentally recall our one and only micro-experience of war in this country the event is now already overshadowed by several new wars.
Happy New Ear.