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Do you have to have a brilliant freak girlfriend to be an artist?

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I was just thinking about this, and maybe I'm off on the wrong track. I mean look at Jeff Koons and Ilona Staller, Matthew barney and Bjork...

Did I miss the boat here somehow?

Maybe Orlan's looking for a guy...

It's all social networks

Come on Patrick. It all social. It's also careerist. Many artist do things like marry art critics who write about their work. The question is this; does the work become valuable because the spouse writes about it or is the spouse simply inspired by the work. It's a chicken and egg thing. It's social. If you travel in circles that are inhabited by A-list rock stars you may find yourself hitched to a rock star. The art world is a playground for the wealthy. Sometimes middle class artists can purchase entry.

Orlan is married to a French art critic who writes about body art. THey are also a cute couple!