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Push Bush Out - Rome No Global

:: Push BUSH out! ::
June 9th 07 :: No War & No Bush Day

Against Bush and against the multilateral war of Prodi government "You’re scared, you’re damn scared, you’ll be scared, you’ll be scared to death!"

A careful listener of the words from the texan thief - better known as georgdabbliù Bush - is able to catch this always silent, always untold, but at the same time always spoken subtext. The texan psychopath has a bunch of partners speaking the same language. Sarko, for example, never stops reminding French people that they have to be scared, scared of banlieues, scared of the "racaille". The "comrades" of the Pd learnt the lesson as well: "we are all terribly afraid of gipsies, of prostitutes, of migrants"; it seems that there is only one complaint to be known.
Some people, «more equal than others», even decided to start the war in the schools, by the Nas. Let’s shut the doors, close the bars, close the borders.
War, we’ll wage war, we’re so scared that we won’t stop frightening! This is the fate we’ve been delivered, the fate of fear healing fear.
The G8 meeting in Heiligendamm (June 5-8) will have to discuss this. It will have to discuss how sovereignty is not able to come back and of how war is the only thing that makes global politics possible. There will be a lot to speak about - how Iran should be disarmed without too many words, how China and Russia have to stop being recalcitrant, of how Bush - lost in a crisis without end - could avoid a new Vietnam in Iraq and thrash Ahmadinejad. One will speak of star shields and of Afghanistan, of the debt that never ends because it doesn’t have to end, and of Kyoto that can be thrown out.
But the most delicate topic will be another: what of war, after unilateral war?
And this question will echo in Rome on June 9th, when the texan will come to walk along the streets of the eternal city.
Heiligendamm. Movements will be full of anger, won’t accept any prohibition, won’t stay home, despite the 26,000 marshalled men. The men of the low-intensity war, of the police war we experienced in Genova in July 2001. The nothern european networks have started to speak once again after Ungdomshuset, after the arrests and searches. Fear hasn’t produced fear.
Fear was followed by anger, by the will to fight, the will of violating in thousands the "red zones" and the prohibitions. Instead of fear, desire and indignation, there will be the creativity of those who keep saying "you 8 we 6 billions".
Rome, June 9th. A few hours after the direct actions in Heiligendamm, Bush, the smiling texan swine, will fly with 200 of his followers towards Prodi and his government. D’Alema tried to be on the safe side: "In Italy decisions are taken by the parliament". A firm democratic answer: "Keep your hair on, Texan, in Italy we have democracy!". The democracy D’Alema is speaking of is that is supporting the war in Afghanistan, even better it sends additional troops; that promoting or imposing (but it’s the same, isn’t it?) the construction of the new USA base, the Dal Molin, in Vicenza; that supporting the star shield; that cutting the social and increasing the war expenditures.
A polite, peacekeeping war we’ve been taught in these last years.
A humanitarian war, a war killing for a good purpose. Incredible, an extraordinarily ethical war! For the sake of mankind we should politely, delicately kill mankind.
Better, we have to limit the damage. As in Kosovo, do you remember? Does anyone remember Kosovo? Do you remember how that "just war" was hideous for everyone? Now, things have changed. Many of the most fierce enemies of the war in Kosovo think that today’s problem is Bush only (W the Democrats, W Ilary Klinton, W Mao Tse Tung!), apart from that D’Alema is the best politician in the world because through a sound democracy he limits the damage.
What fools we were! We should have understood that the war is sometimes bad and sometimes good!
Rome, June 9th. The movement doesn’t have fear, doesn’t think that there can be just wars, doesn’t think that the global war will come to an end after Bush, doesn’t think that the multilateral war is better than the unilateral one. The no-War movement protests again, through the center of the city, because the city is not Bush’s. The no-War movement is not frightened and won’t accept any prohibition because it wants to give rise to a large multitudinous demonstration. And within the movement, as a part in motion, students and precarious workers, Social centers, with Ungdomshuset in their eyes. From North to South, from every part of Italy we will claim the right to demonstrate from the stations to the center of Rome.
A multitude that knows the side it wants to be on, that hates war because it wants to build life, with love and indignation. None of us will be alone because we will be many. Only Bush and Prodi will be the ones alone. All around, our joy and our anger!

Rome, June 9th 2007
h 3 pm Piazza Esedra

Follow the crowd, follow the sound, follow the anger
Push BUSH out

violence is not the answer

joy without anger is possible, protest without violence is the goal, in germany and in rome too;

the truth is that the vast majority of people from within the movement are fed up with this attitude and push toward violent acts -- they do not help our cause, quite the opposite

yes, d'alema and prodi are on the same level of berlusconi's cabinet on issues such as war, globlaization and more; but is a frontal opposition the answer? can we build any true life with anger and hate?

please, saturday follow and express your protest, your joy for a different and possible outcome, with no violence or hate -- that's our strength and unity!

thanks, ciao