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New Exhibition at the Chelsea Art Museum: The Incomplete


Postmodern art, or art characteristic of reacting to modernism, tends to refer to a state in which order is lacking and confusion and ambiguities are profound. The Incomplete, an exhibition arriving at the Chelsea Art Museum on Tuesday October 2, 2007 showcases the work of postmodern art, and therefore emphasizes the craziness and diversity that has marked the works of four generations of contemporary artists. The pieces are drawn from the Neumann Family Collection, and include popular contemporary artists such as Ashley Bickerton and Jeff Koons along with the fresher faces of Karen Kilimnik, Xavier Veihand, and Aya Uekawa. The exhibition emphasizes the lack of closure in our lives in varied and unique styles of work, including sculpture, painting and installation. Opens Tuesday October 2, 2007. Ends January 12, 2008. Be there.