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segueing Internet 2 w/Globals analogs

TeleSuonohologram (stitching sound & video image), 1984
While an undergrad at SAIC in Chicago I remember visitors to art classes: Robert Rauschenberg's sound-producing and sound-activated works in the 1960s. I paused daily during frequent walks through Gunsaulus Hall to catch my Michigan Avenue CTA westbound bus. The gallery space was not a usually crowded-except on opening afternoons- and I zoomed in on the R. R. island of found ( I listened to invasive reverbs from floor bound metal objects being reflected from cloth-covered walls. Run-away-radio dials. Deep-throat sounds vibrated from a wheeled tuba which, for this gallery over the Illinois Central commuter tracks, was surrounded by mute glass-framed glissening images looking on and aimed like focused solar panels upon this "sculptural installation entitled Oracle." Interactivities were possible and anyone could scan the AM and FM radio frequencies. Not the first time nor the last time sound entered the usually hushed visual gallery. The human made artifacts which Rauschenberg selected and assembled were very much at home in the steel, brick and hand carved stone structure. My own 1984 telesuonohologram soundsculpture also used human made materials and was constructed to be a realtime "Soundmirror" of the environment (not at all for recording as in but rather, in realtime uses). In the actual set up position on the grass, the parabola had 200 front surface mirrors and was aimed at an opposite round disk which was also covered with 200 mirrors. ((DETAIL:
The teleSuonohologram concept was an audio and video recording system prototype which momentarily merged and focused both sources and produce temporal experiences.The video monitor and amplified sound were contained within the focal positions of the parabola. As an ongoing experiential moment in time, the ephemeral mirage/image/sound was not technically "recordable." A mirage was apt and it levitated, holographic-like , for as long as the viewer remained cross-eyed. During faculty showing of the work, it had to be cut down for it to be seen and heard.
I also heard a Robert Smithson concept which was, for me, THE aside from his '68 chat with students in SAIC'S Fullerton Hall: "...artists should have their own satellite..." Thanks to University of Minnesota Graduate School and National USA Art Endowment grants I was able to conceive, rent and executed a Teleconstructs series of two-way interactive Westar IV satellite projects and the first was Hudson River Museum Teleconstructs Spacework I Eventually my concentration focused on web networking interactivity potentials. In January China shot down an old weather satellite with a ground-based ballistic missile,20867,21088246-2703,00.html.

at SAIC: now a grad teaching assistant of my own sound-centered class, Audible Constructs Sound collecting used 1/4 and 3/4 inch tape, was sensor-sourced "field recordings" and also monitorings of the Hexagram- a group project installation on SAIC's roof. North of and some distance from the Chicago's Loop on a quiet Montrose Harbor mound the class were able to overhear and experientially listened to the unique and rather quiet soundings. These were from randomly-proportioned atmospheric elevations using helium filled balloons and via FM 2-way, these transmissions were recorded to/by FM/cassettes, Only sound/vibrational-targeting sensors were used. And though passing aircraft to and fro from O'Hare Airport gave us loud bonuses to deal with it was from turbulent gusts that contorted the rubber surfaces. Surface-attached strain gauges persisted long after the northbound outerdrive traffic had faded out nearing 500 feet. A variety of transducers replaced the DJ-air microphone (get what you hear and playback what you heard with an ambient bonus). Students went on attaching sensors from berberry bushes, apartment plumbing and couches to FM wireless mics in some of the widest cracks on Michigan avenue. Conceptually on through post MFA days my unfolding processes have continued to be sustainably economical. I've hovered and drifted in Hexagrams within Greenland Highs and Icelandic Lows pondering global's ground truth using Terrain Instruments, sounding tree "sculptures," terra firma's embossed terrain and Lake Superior ice floes.
Gloria DeFilipps Brush , sumarised pre and post 1973 Terrain Instruments "...Leif Brush describes his systems for creating and listening to and sometimes modifying the sounds of hidden, unheard natural events. In one of his outdoor installations, galvanized and stainless steel wires strung between trees can be monitored. The large-scale site-specific pieces use special contact sensors or transducers, attached to wood or ribbons, to amplify microsound events. FM radio transmitters are used to carry preamplified vibrations of atmospheric phenomena acting upon man-made sources. In some cases sounds are presented as they are, in others sounds are manipulated electronically. Among the many installations, projects and his own writing are Giant Ivories , YONY, SAIC Publication Insect Broadcasting System , Iowa Riverharps,, Chord Draft Monitor, Signal Discs, Meany Ice Floe, Treeharps Network, Windribbon, TeleSuonoQuad , TelesuonoHologram, TeleSuonovision, Selfbroadcasting trees Terraplane Chorographies, and The Telephone Finally Earns Its Keep, Lake Baikal, At this time all concepts involve solar powered electronics and satellite transponders..."
tbc, October 07

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U.S. House marker / mux & demuxD

leif BRUSH

U.S. House marker

Did you see that momentary State of the Union image from an overhead camera showing the President and all other heads of those assembled ? This image originated from a wide-angle lens and a stationary HD camera mounted at the apex of the House ceiling chamber. You'd have to have seen it between eye blinks during the moments where approxmately 10 or so video raster scan seconds of it were sent world-wide in realtime. If you have such footage, please send US your image.

Just suppose this seventy minute stream had gone out over, say, the servers on WEB2? It also would definately have been informing, strongly upbeat and a marker twentyten address. And, although I interpreted this referenced isolated image-instance to have been a deliberate production "quick cut test," it was significantly timely, symbolic and overarched-globally. Quite the model of high moral democratic elevation and akin to ground truth: This high definition fish-eye view allowed thoughtful perspectives when considering that each and every head of those present was discernible beneath the dome of the Nation's Capitol.

Entrepreneurial e pluribus unum initiatives: mux and demux
Continuing to levitate a few additional aspects as to how and what the camera could really been looking at would require the farming out of myriad and requisite nano technological details in order to seek collaborators who could help define the whole, its protocol, timetable and its goal. With these things considered, they would be addressing and begin to define the necessary parts into which entrepreneurs could formulate anew.
A key precedent technique has been viewable on public Internet I. This applies to other than a stationary object and results in "locking onto" race car drivers throughout their race cycle.

evolved habit shifts
As in the House example, overhead infra-red lasers could hone onto anyone present, monitoring their spoken vibrations from open mouths. Often times a near empty House hosts 8-19 representatives or a full assembly. All of which depends on schedules and so on; timing is often prompted by the member desiring to read texts and thus be entered into the House archives. Programmers could assure software protocols- installed on office computers- which would allow several seconds to green light line items keyed from hard drive constituent-lists, and these would actually reach interested voters, in advance of a particular speech, be in realtime and preventing wasting post discussions of what had actually been said.
An instance,

Beyond franking and other bulk USPS paper messaging, far more voters could be served in realtime via texng and email for inperson announcements when public speaking into the House floor mic. Not to be unheard, local home hard drives or from any receivable txd posts would be readily available and assure that the exact words are direct-to-you. Such could minimize and eventually phase out various, modifiers or filtering by for profit informational outlets.

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>>>Were you to use your acoustic microscope imaging via modulating laser scanning, could you create a sonographic hologram?
>Carlo Giordani!/cfgiordani?ref=mf
Wow, it could be an interesting experiment!
Yesterday at 7:50am
I'm active w/an Internet2 discussion group in which I'm advocating such a project (similar to what you referred to above) could also become part of the curricula based on my dormant classes being revived as web2 classes. BTW, including Universities, none of Globals borderless doors would be closed. Object: to explore nano-based technologies as backbone, having a skeleton, similarly structured, that would parallel Internet 1. Essentially, modulating and demodulating lasers- Microflown-type a/or expedited fr/multi-sensor inputs via realtime Content_delivery_networks (gettin acquainted by using cellphones to verify participants using Lat Long w/UTC timing). My proposal target is for 2012.
>Internet1 Seminar
>Environmental Studies
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fluxd thens & continuĆ¼m

From former 2006-4-20
Susumu Shingu's wind-powered four windmills has a generator that produced electricity and illuminated these sculptures in Sanda, Japan. The 21 sculptures are designed to be set up by local people and to cause no damage to the environment. An individual sculpture comes in a crate and becomes a small wind-power station with four windmills and a generator.
1969 keywords-Smile Measuring Device, leif brush
1972 after H.BOSCH keywords-Iowa Riverharps

>moved to top Freedom of Information Act
" Internet equality reduce the amount 0f sulfur; a key air pollutant, in diesel by 2010. "We are going to make that telltale black puff of smoke that comes from diesel engines a thing of the past," Secretary Leavitt said 5/04 ...

...The publicly supported National Science Foundation routinely researches terrestrial and extraterrestrial phenomena, e.g., solar electrical radiations, the earth's northerly/southerly sferics and whistlers, auroral scatter and other phenomena. It's a moment of revelation that scientists from 11:49:04 AM Internet dialup/on-call sources get to experience fairly often, but the rest of us don't"- Tim Kelly, N.G.S. Usually any audible/sound aspects are regarded as artifacts; however, images without sound files do appear on the Internet. ART/SCIENCE key ISAST? a/or
Maybe you recall the passive retro-reflector left behind on the moon following its surface exploration. We may also remember many of those Mission Control two-way conversations allowed to be heard via 1970s radio/TV media.
One of the NSF's many goals has been its Public Understanding of Science. These aural resources are now or could be hearable/viewable. However, the aborted Mars microphone project was to have allowed us to hear any human-made or other vibrations in that planet's atmosphere. Ongoing iceberg breakup at the South pole is monitored visually and audibly. A tiny TV camera and a parabolic microphone was available in a Pyramid staging area to have allowed us to venture beyond the 2nd door within a south-facing Khufu tunnel? Perpetually there is the potential that these public-funded researched outcomes and discoveries could, as in the past, become more available. They'd easily be the alternative to media recordings currently offered via TV/cable/satellite.
The world for generations has been wired and sensed for phenomena. As a catalyst,'s objective is underscoring the need for realtime access to data and data sets so that any international ears and those (of artists-in-the-public-domain) may listen to realtime extraterrestrial and earthly phenomena....