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Readings in Landscape and Technology


Two recent posts to nettime on the general theme of landscape/nature vs technology/machines:

Landscape Painting of the Information Age or Romanticism in Media Art by Armin Medosch

more on the nature/machines debate by Andreas Broeckmann

Medosch mentions Wolfgang Staehle in the footnotes as:

The only artist, as far as I know, who
literally creates landscape painting of the
information age is Wolfgang Staehle. He is quite
conscious about his references to art history.
But I am actually speaking about other types of
work which are not so aware of the references and
connotations, from the early work of Jodi to and many other examples which I could

Really? The only artist as far as he knows?

I'm surprised that Medosch doesn't mention Flusser and his concept of the "technical image" nor does Broeckmann mention Thoreau when writing about "wildness".

Also see The Ghost in the Network" by Alexander Galloway and Eugene Thacker.

More later...