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From the website:

KURATOR.ORG investigates new ideas around curating in the context of 'immateriality' and 'network systems'. It asks: If the assumption is made that traditional curating follows a centralised network model, then what is the position of the curator within a distributed network model?

The project is a recognition of the fact that art and culture in general is increasingly dealing with communication and information systems. It examines curatorial practice that takes into account the transformative nature of digital objects and systems, as well as production processes that are dynamic, collaborative and distributed. The idea of the 'system' is particularly important in this context in that it not only refers to the physical site of curatorial production, the computer and the network, but also to the technical and conceptual properties of what constitutes the curatorial object and the 'operating system' of art.

The project speculates on the practice of curating that is partially automated, suitably dynamic, collaborative, and redistributed in terms of the control curators exert over objects and meanings, as well as the power relations it produces. In an attempt to put these ideas into practice the project introduces a free software application KURATOR (in development), designed as a curating tool for source code that can be further modified by users.