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murphblog: Friday, September 12, 2008


Last night, 9/11, I locked myself out of my apartment. Not quite a terrorist attack but to any New Yorker a nightmare nonetheless. This was, I suppose, a repercussion from my saying, cheerily, "happy 9/11", to our customers when they arrived at Macy's looking for bargains. Well I remember THAT DAY watching the planes hit the towers over and over by myself in an empty tiki bar and being told the only response was for true patriots was, of course, Go Shopping!.

I wasn't drunk and I didn't have another heart attack but it could be a manifestation of ageing. I'd planned to go out to forage at the BP station on the corner and when I realized I'd forgotten to bring my keys the wind slammed the door shut in my face. Mayhem ensued ending with my very nice landlord replacing my lock and a very angry little Russian locksmith who threatened to put glue in my lock if I didn't pay him $300 to break into my apartment and install a new lock, worth $15. This is a very New York Story but one I've managed to miss in all these years. I NEVER forget my keys when I leave the apartment! Plus I broke my glasses and need to get a new pair. Bad week all around.

My faith in East Indians is restored since they are my fellow tenants who don't think the unlocked front door is a problem but have eventually agreed that the mailbox should be locked. We discussed various methods of getting into my room, which centered on a harrowing crawl from the next apartment window into my room. Luckily the next door neighbor was out and the landlord was within calling distance and knew where to get a new cylinder for the lock at 10:00 PM. One advantage of living in the hood.

Work was slow today but I made a few good sales and met my draw for the week but, really, most of my customers were off their rockers. I did $2600 but $500 of it consisted of bad sales meaning Chinese (who return everything) and scams I can't comprehend involving gift cards and returns. But I met my draw, which is good, but didn't make a profit, which is bad because I need to buy new glasses and shoes for winter. I don't make enough to afford health insurance but make too much to qualify for medicare so I'll have to pay for the glasses out-of-pocket. Plus my syngonium has brown spots I can't get rid of. That's what I get for buying anything from Home Depot.