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Podcasting and iTunes


Podcasting in iTunes 4.9

via Six Apart:

Our co-founder Mena Trott is attending the D: All Things Digital conference, where she just sent word that Steve Jobs did a demo of iTunes 4.9. The big news is, the new version of the popular music management app beloved by iPod owners will feature integrated support for podcasting. Current plans call for podcasts to be free downloads: Users will submit their podcasts and Apple will be hand-picking the content it makes available to iTunes users.

Update: For clarity on the last sentence. It wasn't completely clear whether the inclusion of the user-submitted podcasts would be automated or manual. There appears two methods for inclusion into the store: (1) Apple will be hand-picking content (like the Adam Curry show, which was one of the banner graphics) (2) Users will be able to submit their own content. It may be very similar to the way that users can currently upload their playlists -Mena
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