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*particle group* opens at CAL NanoSystems Institute (CN(S)I)-Jan. 14th, 2009

Particles of Interest
*particle group*

*an interactive installation of multilingual meditations
on nanotechnology, culture, and property*

Opening Reception: Wednesday, January 14, 5-7pm
Exhibit Dates: January 14 - February 4
CALIFORNIA NanoSystems Institute (CN(S)I) UCLA

As part of the *Scalable Relations* series of networked exhibitions that
present media artworks by faculty of the UC Digital Arts Research Network
(DARnet) across UC campuses from January 9 - March 14, 2009. The
exhibition takes place at the BEALL Center for Art + Technology at UC
Irvine as well as other venues at UCDARnet institutions. Scalable
Relations brings together works that explore digital media's capability of
representing a growing amount of data in constantly evolving relations.
Addressing a range of issues, the projects in Scalable Relations
illustrate the complexities and shifting contexts of today's information

*particle group* is a collective consisting of Principal Investigators
Ricardo Dominguez, artist Diane Ludin, interactive sound/installation
artist Nina Waisman, poet/critic Amy Sara Carroll and pd programmer
Marius Schebella, with a number of other collaborators flowing in and out
of the project since 2006. The collective draws inspiration from
sonification, performance, poetry, critical theory, popular culture, and
the hard and social sciences to develop installations that engage with
the politics and poetics of nano-science and its markets. *particle
group* aims to shed light on both the lack of regulation of nanoparticles
in consumer goods and the emergence of the nano-sublime.
The group combines digital technology, investigative research, and
multimedia formats in works that forge subversive relationships with the
twenty-first century's frontiers of nano-science and the para/literary.
*particle group* has exhibited at ISEA 2006; House of World Cultures
(Berlin) and San Diego Museum of Art in 2007; O Futuro (Brazil) and
Gallery@CALIT2 (UCSD) in 2008. The *particle group* is funded by CALIT2
and the UCSD Division of Arts and Humanities.

Project website: