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A SoaPOPera in Paris


Today I'm getting on a plane to go to Paris. My collaborative piece (with Peter Sinclair) A SoaPOPera for Laptops/iMacs is in the Summer Exhibition of the Jeu de Paume museum in Paris. This is a big deal for me considering the fact that I don't have an art dealer backing me. Anyway, The Jeu de Paume was orginally Marie Antoinette's handball court. The theme of the exhibition which runs from June 6-September 11 is art influenced by Le Burlesque. The original idea was a scholarly concept put together by Christophe Kihm. It became the basis for Art Presse's once-a-year special edition #24 in 2003. It might be noted that while Art in America publishes a special edition it is only a list of all the art galleries, dealers and artists in America. Artforum has opted for shortening its articles so as not to distract one from reading the ads. It's a difference in style but the question is how much influence does the market have on what is being included in the discourse?