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Barbara Kruger and William Gibson On Information at Tate Britain


Barbara Kruger and William Gibson -- a marriage made in heaven or hell, depending upon your point of view -- talk about information at Tate Britain last year:

Internationally renowned artist Barbara Kruger, notorious for her photographic and text-based works that challenge mainstream ideas and ideologies, joins novelist, William Gibson for this discussion. From I Shop Therefore I Am to recent large-scale installations, Barbara Kruger is a key figure who has shaped the way art audiences think about ideology and information.

William Gibson has written such pivotal works as Neuromancer, Johnny Mnemonic and the recent Pattern Recognition, and first imagined cyberspace. He has been instrumental in exploring how the development of technology has transformed the dissemination and ‘reading’ of information.

For the first time these two practitioners come together to discuss how notions of information have been a key factor in their own work and how such ideas shape the way we understand and consider the visual world.

Part of Contested Territories: Conversations in Practice, In association with Chelsea College of Art and Design

The talk is streamed here
Even though it says it's "audio only by request of the artists" there are visuals. Kruger shows her work but doesn't want "her" image webcast and so neither of them are seen speaking.