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2012 Shanghai Biennale :: The Art of Noise


2012 Shanghai Biennale :: The Art of Noise workshop2012 Shanghai Biennale :: The Art of Noise workshop

Description of my 2 day workshop in IMMERSION - Art| Technology Worshop: *The Art of Noise* as part of the 2012 Shanghai Biennale

Outline of what was covered in the course *The Art of Noise*
Day 1

This workshop will focus on the history of the art of noise in relationship to immersion and its present manifestations as I researched them for my most recent book Immersion Into Noise (2011, Publisher Open Humanities Press and University of Michigan Library). This book is an open-source non-copy-written book that the students will be given to read and share (if they read English) on their I-Pads or similar tablets or computers for free.

The text will serve as the basis of my lectures that afternoon and demonstrations and project interactions with the students.

I will begin the workshop day 1 with a focus on the history of Noise Music and how it relates to contemporary visual art today.

After demonstrating my practical use of ideas in the book I will recap the essence of the book and discuss it with the students for the rest of the day.

I will ask them to try to create a tool or instrument over night that adheres to the presented concept and bring it to class the next day.


Day 2 (half day)

More material from the book Immersion Into Noise will be presented and discussed as examples.

I will play for the students prime examples of the art of noise and tell them about other artist’s work in this area as related to global digital culture. They will be exposed to many examples of audio art and visual glitch art, always with an emphasis on the immersive perspective.

We will then examine and investigate the possibilities of what tools or instruments have been brought to class and attempt a collective playing of these tools or instruments. This noise concert may be recorded, if deemed desirable.