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Redux Reviews


Art Dirt Redux is gaining some traction. Here's a sampling of reviews from the web.

Imperica (UK)Art Dirt Redux ADR is a series of interesting podwalks from G.H. Hovagimyan and Robbin Murphy. Varying exhibitions and installations taking place in New York City are covered by the duo and their guests. Their opinions are well-informed and unquestionably knowledgable, and somewhat forthright. The series is fun, and very informal; every now and then, they bump into friends and the conversation changes from an appreciation of the piece to catching up socially.
Technology is covered heavily; subjects in varying podcasts include iPods, RSS, Linux, and blogs, with happenings including Eyebeam and Dorkbot. (I had an idea a while ago to cover Dorkbot; I might try to cover the UK events.)
It took me a while to get into, but it's certainly interesting to listen to, and is a very atmospheric

Digital Podcast rates Art Dirt Redux in the top ten of art podcasts for popularity.

Zeke's Gallery in Montreal wants a more conventional media style podcast. Some people don't get it but then again he is Canadian. Here's what he has to say;

Art Dirt Redux. Suffers from the same things that the Art a GoGo guys have. Namely, no script. Given the professional broadcasters out there doing visual art, I think my expectations are probably a little bit too high. But speaking clearly, and on topic isn't exactly rocket science.

So there's the critical bracket. Some people understand that Art Dirt Redux is a different sound art work that needs a bit of concentration and listening to get it. Others want a mass media approach and miss the point. It does point out the difference between commercial work and art. It appears that Zeke puts a lot of stake in the word "professional." Interestingly enough, in spite of his mixed review, Art Dirt Redux gets a lot of pass throughs from his site.