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Concrete Poetry

From Capt.C.J.Huntsman: To your urgent attention.


Dont get crossed by my intrusion in your privacy, not knowing you before
but i got to do this since am used to taking risks.I am Capt.Chris Josh
Huntsman, an American soldier with the peace keeping force in Iraq,serving
with the 1st Armored Division in Iraq but have now been redeployed to
Kabul Afghanistan.

Before further detail I would like you to visit the BBC website link below
to enable you have an insight on what am about proposing to you.

During one of our interventions, we also discovered the sum of US$ 7.5
Million dollars belonging to Saddam Hussein's family.My partner and i concealed this
money and didnt make any official declaration of it.

As American soldier on war duty. Our activities are highly limited based
on the military code of conduct of the United states of America, we soldiers are
not allowed any personal transaction while on duty .

So for the safety of this money, using my post and influence i used a
silver trunk to conceal the whole sum and through a pastor that is a staff
of the red cross attached to our unit,i had the consignment transported
out of Iraq using diplomatic courier under diplomatic immunity meaning
that nobody knows the contents of the consignment.

I contacted you to assist us to reclaim this money since we are still on
duty and i wouldnt want anybody or any government to start getting nosy
about the money or confiscate it.My partner and i will take 80% of the total
sum while 20% will be for you.

No strings attached and no risk involved.

If you are interested, do respond immediately with your contact details
and I will send you the full details.

Note,this deal requires absolute confidentiality and your full attention with
constant communication through emails since i cannot use a phone because
most of our communication systems here are connected to the central unit
and so being monitored.

Note:do bear with me for contacting you through this medium but it is
just for my security, so that i do not get exposed.

If you are not capable of handling this then do use your delete button
and dont waste my time.

Capt.Chris J Huntsman,