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The Thing enters the Death Star


death star entrance
Never before seen pictures inside the Death Star:
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Even buildings that were at the heart of old telecommunications technology, such as AT&T's onetime manual switching center at 32 Avenue of the Americas, at Walker Street, are being adapted to new technology. The building has been purchased by the Rudin family, which is adapting it for use by companies like MCI WorldCom and Qwest.

While a new generation of equipment will be installed upstairs at the old switching center, the landmarked lobby will retain the 1932 murals and the declaration that ''Telephone wires and radio unite to make neighbors of nations.''

Riser  is assisting Rudin Management Company in the renovation and redevelopment  of 32 Sixth Avenue, the former AT&T Long Distance Building, as the New  York Global Connectivity Center. The building will be New York's newest and most sophisticated carrier building, offering office space and global interconnect facilities to telecom carriers and Internet-centric  companies.

Gimme Shelter

 a bedroom, a pod, a hotel, a shack, a fort, a bunker, a cell, a cave, a pad, a tent, a shelter, a cabin, an igloo, a hut,

 “Oh, a storm is threat’ning
 My very life today
 If I don’t get some shelter
 Oh yeah, I’m gonna fade away”