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Living in the Death Star (Halloween)


Death Star Conference Table

 Well, obviously, everyone was at the Greenwich Village Parade.
Slideshow of the space after moving day.
Resident artist Jan Gerber set up the WiFi, which Verizon doesn't seem to be able to do. Fine until the person we're borrowing from pulls the plug. It's still too hot in here because we can't turn the radiators off but have been promised one of the crack building maintenance guys will do it any day now. We've been talking about a housewarming for the space but maybe we'll have a housecooling instead.
Christoph Keller arrived last night for his performance at the Swiss Institute's 24-Hour Incidental exhibition this weekend and Daniel Pflumm arrives on Thursday.
Meanwhile in Paris, Joseph Nechvatal takes on images of Abu Graib in the new nOOlOgy : guilt of a nation