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InSite_05 brochure = terrorism = deportation

Dear Students,

In case you were not there when I announced in class.
I will be out of towns till this Tuesday Nov 29 but will be around Thursday Nov 31 to help with your final projects.  I would also like to apologize for missing class Tuesday this week--I had every intention of going after picking my husband up at the airport but my husband was detained by Homeland Security, interrogated by the FBI, kept in a detention center in Aurora overnight, and deported to Mexico the next day at the Denver airport--probably because they found a brochure in his luggage about the border art festival we were in in San Diego/Tijuana which seemed to them a terrorist organization..I had to spend the last few days talking to lawyers, an activity which I assume will become a regular part of my life for a while...Anyways Happy Thanksgiving and see you next week.

Anne-Marie Schleiner & Luis Hernandez (This is the artist that has been arrested).

This is the Brochure that was found: