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 SpamVampire -

 "Non-caching, image-reaping, website-burning, bandwith-sucking action, all with a scorecard and a throttle."

 ALERT: Mortgage Spammer Flash-Mob currently underway.

 This spammer (Alex Polyakov) is a crafty one... if you drain too quickly, he'll block your IP address, so keep SpamVampire set as low as possible and just let it run like that.

 Meanwhile, tell all your friends to fire it up and let it run, too.

This spammer will go down using what is known as the "Death By A Thousand Paper Cuts" type of data-draining. If we try to outmuscle him, he'll block us... so we're going to outsmart him.

He'll try to turn off his websites at night... keep running the SpamVampire, no matter what... he'll come back, and when he does, we'll drain him.

 He's also blocking by Referer, so you'll have to strip out the Referer or save the SpamVampire source code to your computer and run it from there (see the "SpamVampire Source Code" link to the right).

 We need 5000 people all running SpamVampire at this low rate for a few months to beat him, so tell everyone you know.

 This is one of the world's largest spammers (accounting for approximately 12% of spam worldwide), and a prolific scammer (all his mortgage refinancing spams are phishes, he's done several investment scams, he's also doing money laundering, and he's luring unsuspecting innocent people (scroll down about halfway) to participate in his money laundering), so taking him down will be a very good thing.

 [UPDATE #1]
 I got a series of telephone calls, purportedly from Leo Kuvayev, another Russian spammer... it is my belief that Kuvayev is working with Polyakov. The telephone calls consisted of death threats.

 [UPDATE #2]
 This spammer has now changed the way they're registering their domains. Rather than domains such as and, they are registering numerical domains, such as and

 [UPDATE #3]
 They are now contacting businesses using my name and telephone number, in a (very lame) attempt at flooding me with telephone calls. They're dumb enough to do so with the very mortgage brokers they sell leads to! You can see the problem with that... they lose those mortgage brokers' business.