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Dead Flowers for Charlie

The art blogosphere is up-in-arms over Artnet Magazine writer Charlie Finch's supposed sexism. That news is so old and tired  the only way it could be the least bit interesting is if it was old Charlie himself posing as Anonymous Female Artist (A.K.A. Militant Art Bitch). More interesting to me is why this particular kind of old school feminist discourse is being promoted so heavily at this particular moment. Oh, right, it gives Roberta and Jerry a platform to preach to the flock (and rake in the thithes).
For those in New York City who would like to put in their two bits on the topic the LMCC gallery on the second floor on Maiden Lane is giving you an opportunity: 

Speed Limit
Redhead Project Space, 125 Maiden Lane, Second Floor
New York, NY
February 24-May 26
Public Event: April 4
Closing Reception: May 26

Redhead Project Space invites you to participate in an experiment: A History of Women’s Art. What constitutes a history of women’s art?  Who can write that history? Speed Limit is an experiment attempting to arrive at an open, participatory, physical history of women’s art. On February 24, the gallery will be open and empty and ready for your contributions.  What can you contribute?  Works of art, artifacts, texts, etc. that you believe could contribute to a history of women’s art.    The more difficult question of what could constitute a history of women’s art is up to you. Everyone is welcome to contribute. For Rules and Regulation and a more complete description of Speed Limit, visit