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THE THING Special Committee Results


Walter Robinson
Artnet Magazine 

Dear Walter,

THE THING Special Committee on Politically Correct Art Writing (TTSCPCAW) held an all-night emergency session to consider whether your writer, one Charles Finch, is sexist and should have his laptop taken away, his fingers broken and his metrocard revoked.

You'll be happy to know the Committee unanimously concurred that Mr. Finch's writing is NOT sexist and he may keep his laptop, his fingers intact and his metrocard (which only has $1.98 on it BTW).

While debate in the committee room was at times heated in the end everyone agreed that describing a young female as wearing a "wifebeater" shirt did in no way condone the beating of wives as has been suggested. We're sure Mr. Finch's new bride will be relieved to hear this. 

However, the Committee did find Mr. Finch's writing often to be puerile, childish, rude, mean, immature, petty, obnoxious, mean-spirited and crude. All we can say to that is: keep up the good work!


Robbin Murphy
Artistic Director
New York, NY