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The Koolhaas Kids Come of Age


I like the attitude expressed by Prince-Ramus about going back to "first principles":

"Don't give us predigested solutions. Tell us what it needs to do, and let us figure out how to build it." 

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FEBRUARY 23, 2006

The Koolhaas Kids Come of Age
By Andrew Blum

Rem Koolhaas, the Dutch architect famous for his coy theories on cities -- and, more recently, for dramatic and cerebral buildings such as the Seattle Central Library -- casts a long shadow. No one knows this better than Joshua Prince-Ramus, the majority owner and lead partner of the New York branch of the Office of Metropolitan Architecture (OMA), the firm Koolhaas founded in Rotterdam in 1975. Prince-Ramus and his colleagues are currently designing a theater for the Dallas Performing Arts Center, an art museum and mixed-use complex in Louisville, and an academic building at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena.

BusinessWeek Online Contributing Editor Andrew Blum spoke with Prince-Ramus at OMA's office in New York, the week before the architect headed out to the TED Conference in Monterrey, Calif.