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An Algorithm for art


Here's my algorithm for art.

Let's say that you've graduated from art school. You decide
to make something or do something. Let's call this something
S. You use all the techniques (T) that you've learned in art
school to make/do S. You then show this to a friend. Your
friend doesn't recognize [EQUIV] it as art A even though
you've used all the techniques (T) and procedures [FUNC]
you've learned in art school. You know that S is art. You now
have two choices[SELECT]. You can go back and remake or redo
S to make it conform to what your friend thinks is art, this
is the way traditional art is made. Or you can insist that S
really is art and bring your friend around to your point of
view. This is the position of anti-art -A. There is a third
way that is to not insist that what you do is art and to
ignore your friends puzzlement. You allow what you have made
or do to exist outside of the art/ anti-art dialectic. This
is the N-state. Here's a crude algorithm;


A [EQUIV] -A :: (T[FUNC]S)-A = A

if A -([EQUIV] -A) then