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Bringing Street Protest to Cyberspace In Manila


by Manila Indymedia

A group of online activists offered an alternative space to protest after the Government violently prohibited the streets and freedom parks to exercise
public assembly and practice freedom of speech. The online activists calling themselves BrigadaElektronica electronic disturbance group organized an “electronic sit-in”- bringing street protest actions on cyberspace.

The electronic disturbance group is once again announcing their second electronic sit-in campaign, targeting the Malakanyang website, PNP and Office of the President.

The action officially starts on March 23, 2006, it will last until the first of April. They are inviting everyone to join and occupy the Philippine National
Police website for being a rampant human rights violator.

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i am (ErroR) from the Philippines. i emailed you because a friend of mine
from SF told me to contact you. we are having a virtual sit-in going on.
but before we go into details, i would like to give you a brief background
behind this action. here we go: Philippines was recently under State of
National Emergency, suppressing the people's right to public assembly and
exercise of freedom of speech. this anti-democratic policy of the
Philippine State towards its citizens continues up to the present. in this
regard, we organised an online protest action because we cannot literally
protest on the streets.

we are protesting against rampant human rights violation including the
illegal arrest of 11 foodnotbombs activists, they were tortured, beaten
and currently still detained. in this virtual sit-in we are doing, we need
solidarity from different groups who do the same action. we basically need
help to run our script a better effective. we need a secure temporary
hosting, because currently we feel not safe under geocities free web
hosting. and importantly we need help to pressure the government for the
unconditional release of eleven (11) foodnotbombs activists now known as

i hope my letter is not boring and long. so i would like to end this
letter here.

the virtual sit-in:

hoping for solidarity,