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May 2, 2005: The new site


If you've found your way here then you've undoubtedly noticed the site has changed a bit. Yes, we finally got the drupal site sort of together, enough to make it live. It's better than the fake blog I've been doing for the past four months but now the real work begins.

We see this as a soft launch, a beta version that will be ready for prime time come Fall. During that time we'll work on implementing the drupal modules, writing our own and, most importantly, cultivating a "community" (Wolfgang hates that word so what do we call it, a gang?) to use the site in ways that both adds meaningful content but also provides the incentive to write that content.

How do we do this? I don't know, yet. For me, the blog form is ideal for pounding out ideas as I think them but isn't a finished, considered piece of text that will represent those ideas on this site. That's why blog posts, while they may be promoted to the front, today, page from time to time, won't be indexed in the categories on the left hand column. That's for more finished work that will be posted, to use drupal terminology, as a "story" or perhaps a more elaborate "forum".

Why are we doing it this way? I like reading blogs and I especially like the fact that they can be nearly immediate. That's why we've decided to make what would normally be the "home" page the "today" page and index those under "headlines" at the top right. The categories on the left (except for "announcements" are for things that have had a little time for consideration.

This will probably all change to some degree over the next few months. We'll make it easier to navigate and search and simplify the creating of content for contributors. What I'd like to see is an individual who has a specific interest, say audio, take over that category -- make it there own.

That's enough for tonight. As you can see it's very easy to keep rambling on in a blog.

Links for today:
A spoof about Laura Bush's comedy routine the other night. At least I think it's a spoof.

A video of The Daily Show's "Gaywatch" segment last week.