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March for Peace, Justice, and Democracy, from Canal to Foley Square.


You can't do anything in New York without being fashionably late, so I caught up with the March for Peace organized by United for Peace and Justice (UFPJ) at Canal on my way into the city from good ol' Bklyn around 1pm.

I'm not sure about the actual turn out but you can gaze up Broadway yourself.

The gathering in Foley Square was nice if not well organized. It was a street fair of political dissent, pick a cause, any cause. I started wondering if we were there for peace, workers' rights, immigrants' rights, or to free Mumia Abu-Jamal? After I got over over not having a central cause I noticed a lot of networking and sharing of information and ideas.

From a point of view of being politically effective, a pulpit with famous speakers and some strong imagery for the media would have been nice. However, there was a general positive feeling and lots of people having a good time.

Wheylan Dean-Ford and another member of GrooveHoops, a new york based dance collective, showed up to display some solidarity.

The ever present, ever witty Billionaires for Bush were out to thank the public for the continuing contributions to their greed, and asking for more support for their contractors.

I didn't catch who these guys were, so I'm going to call them 'Boys with Paint' until I'm corrected.

There was also a G.W. Bush Pie Toss for the Benny Hill fans.

G.W. Bush in Star Wars 7 as C3PO.

Last, but not least the Beehive Design Collective' filled us in on how globalization and American Foreign policy is affecting life in South America.