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Day Without An Immigrant - images and videos


Day Without An Immigrant

More DayWithoutAnImmigrant photos, videos from LA

Liberty on Broadway: a lovely young woman, flag in hand, carried through a sea of protesters in downtown Los Angeles today. One of many stunning photos found in someonewalksinla "May Day" photo set

Mack Reed from says,

I posted 72 images of the Great American Boycott march to L.A. City Hall, along with a video clip of 100 mariachis playing "Viva Mexico" to the crowd of 300,000 to 400,000.
You can find it here: Link

Choice images on Flickr include a view of Spring Street packed with marchers as far as the eye can see:

And this sign/editorial cartoon:

Here are 100 mariachis:

And a young couple in wedding garb (though not married):

BoingBoing reader Nigel Stewart
says, The page contains
to a Quicktime movie and a You Tube URL with amateur miniDV footage shot in downtown Los Angeles along Broadway from Olympic up to City Hall.

John Parres shot dozens of photos at the LA protests today, including the ironworker carrying his shirt
above. Link to most of

John's photos, and here are some favorites: one

Mark Oshiro says,

Here are some video clips from LA today, including footage of police beating protestors in MacArthur Park. I just got back to my office about 30 minutesago, which is directly next to MacArthur Park, the main site for the LA Immigration/May Day Protests. This began around 8:50PM and I managed to score some pretty intense footage on my phone. The quality isn't stellar, but it is more than enough to see the brutality with which the LAPD used on innocent, peaceful protestors.
Video one
video two
video three
video four
video five
video six
video seven