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The Precarity Map is online!


It is the first step of The WebRing for Communication and Militant
Research on Precarity which intends to produce and share knowledge, experiences and materials among labour conflicts and life struggles around precarity.

The P_WR is an open platform and an evolving network connecting
activism already involved in the EuroMayDay mobilisations. Its main aims are: to visualize and intensify the density of militant groups and struggles, to outline a space for debate, research and political action, and finally to construct common practices, concepts and notions for developing a militant co-research “with” (instead of “on”) precarious subjects and their/our struggles.

In the next time the map will be interactive and you could join
directly your experiences. At now to connect your militant groups or struggle with the Precarity Map you can link the web site and fill the nod card.

Lets go, fill the cards and join the P_WR
... And we say: MayDay MayDay!