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Journalist Fired in Florida for MySpace Spoof of Politician


Hillsborough County Commissioner
Ronda Storms

When I lived in Florida the St. Petersburg Times was the one sign of liberal hope in an increasingly right wing area. Seems like even that paper has given in:

From MTAA:

MTAA knows this very nice pop culture/art/music writer down in Florida named Gina Vivinetto. She also runs a gallery/ music space called Bombshell. Gina makes us laugh.

Also down in Florida is a women named Ronda Storms. She’s the Hillsborough County Commissioner. She successfully banned the county government from acknowledging gay pride “in any way, shape, or form.” She also got gay pamphlets out of the public Library. Ronda make us shake our heads and wonder how bigots get government jobs

Anyways, here is the sad story of how Gina got canned from her job for posting a snarky comment on myspace about Ronda.