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Goal 2006!


Goal 2006! a media research project focusing on the World Cup in the Era of Globalization in four elements:

With Craig Dietrich, Technology Development. The central element of the site is a virtual football card in 64 versions, featuring updates and RSS media feeds for the participating FIFA countries, original video, audio and photography, and field reports worldwide. Contributors welcome!


SMS|MMS project [with limited availability to U.S. and Canada cell phone users]. Visit the web site to subscribe for daily text or rich content messages to your mobile devices. With Craig Dietrich and Onomy Labs.


Workshop at the University of Stuttgart Architecture & Urban Planning Department, co-taught with Anne-Catrin Schultz, June 7-June 29,


June 26 –July 5. Exhibition/Installation at Rocker 33|Dialekt with sponsorship from the Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart, Germany. In conjunction with the University of Stuttgart workshop. Special thanks to the workshop participants and project co-director Anne-Catrin Schultz, and to Thorsten Neumann-Dialekt e.V /Kulturdirektion (Rocker33).

Public Reception for the exhibition and University of Stuttgart workshop Thursday, June 22, 19:00 Kleines Foyer Dialekt e.V|Rocker 33 Heilbronner Str. 7, Stuttgart


Funded in part by a grant from The University of Iowa Arts & Humanities Initiative, and with support from The University of Iowa School of Art & Art History Intermedia Area.

Growing list of credits on the web site. Heartfelt thanks to all participants!

Jon Winet


Goal 2006! a media research project focusing on the World Cup in the era of globalization