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It’s always a surprise when I check the visitor stats on RANTAPOD . For July 4th & 5th there were visitors from, Oman, Hong Kong, USA, Turkey, Austria, Canada, UK, Denmark, Spain, Italy, India and Finland. For some of the visitors, I can ascertain the reason for their visit. For instance, my rant about the Turkish denial of the Armenian Genocide is the most likely reason for the visit from Turkey. Indeed, there is a global subculture of political commentary that ranges from terrorist recruitment sites to street art collectives .

Speaking of global art sites, [PAM] has launched a new video blog section and they have included my earliest rant video from 1978 titled Rich Sucker Rap.

I’ve just installed RANTAPOD at Sara Tecchia’s Gallery (529 W. 20th St., NYC) for the Summer group show. The piece has rantapod 001-028 running on a shuffle loop installed on a 30 gig video iPod. It’s my first physical installation of the work. It’s in an edition of three. It’s priced modestly. Have a look.

Wednesday I go out to SCOPE Hamptons to install the HD flat screen and videos for the exhibition. I’ll be at the Scope art fair July 13th & 14th. Maybe I’ll see you there.