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Rainer Ganahl, the Politics of Learning

Ganahl 1

Wallach Art Gallery Features Rainer Ganahl, the Politics of Learning

Columbia University
New York City
Through December 10, 2005 

ArtCast Featuring Bruce Sterling

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 ArtCast Basel's Barbara Strebel and Patrik Tschudin talk about and to writer Bruce Sterling.

THE THING Housewarming


THE THING housewarming and welcome for THING.residency artists Jan Gerber and Daniel Pflumm

The Death Star, NYC
November 9, 2005

left: Joerg Lohse strikes a pose


Liberty, fraternity and equality...


GH and I were talking about this just this morning  at breakfast and he came to the same conclusion, that the riots in France not about poverty or religion but about the police.


November 9, 2005

Inside French Housing Project, Feelings of Being the Outsiders

ÉVRY, France, Nov. 8 - Amin Kouidri, 20, has been hunting for a job for more than two years now and spends his days drifting around a government housing project here under the watchful gaze of France's national police.

Art Dirt Redux: High Line Chelsea

Chris Doyle
Chris Doyle at Jessica Murray Projects
Art Dirt Redux makes the rounds onNovember 4, 2005. Highlights include Anthony McCall and Julia Lokta at Eyebeam and Gordon Matta-Clark at Creative Time's The Plain of Heaven exhibition.

Dialogue with the Philosopher Toni Negri



The Italian philosopher Toni Negri analyzes the United States’ invasion of Iraq as a “defeat.” He spoke to Pagina/12 from the recuperated Hotel Bauen, expounding an auspicious perspective for Latin America and criticizing the “traditional” European left.

The Italian philosopher and militant Toni Negri is in Argentina for a second time. He is arriving from a trip to Chile and is now headed to Brazil. After having launched a worldwide polemic with his book Empire, about the end of the age of classical imperialism, he is now convinced that we find ourselves in an anomalous period for Latin America because it has finally ceased to be “the back porch” of the United States. From the Argentine crisis in 2001 to the current crisis in Brazil, passing through the failed coup in Venezuela and the Andean revolts, Negri reads a profound continental change capable of giving way to a multilateralism that will dispute North American pretensions toward an imperialist sovereignty. In his dialogue with Pagina/12, he insists that Latin America is further along than Europe with regard to its ability to think the relation between social movements and governments through the experimentation of a democratic radicalism.



(Ricardo Dominguez writes to correct the misquote at the end of this article:

The psuedo quote/statement below I never made or even hinted at:

*Mr. Dominguez, the political activist and actor, says he believes that Calit2 can deliver partly by bringing society closer to his artistic ideal of unifying humans with representations of humans in cyberspace.*

What I did tell the reporter was:"The practice of ECD by EDT was an attempt to connect bodies protesting on the streets and data bodies protesting on-line." Which to me is quiet different than the statement (attributed to me) in the article.)

Living in the Death Star (Halloween)


Death Star Conference Table

 Well, obviously, everyone was at the Greenwich Village Parade.
Slideshow of the space after moving day.

Rejected iDC post


 Trebor Scholz said this was an announcement and rejected it from the iDC list. I say it was my polite response to Julian Bleecker's insulting post. Isn't it odd that THE THING is willing to do the work of academia then gets shot down for it?

In essence Bleecker was giving the old Andrea Fraser excuse for working in what he calls "the blob", which is the military/education/entertainment complex -- that it's everywhere and all of us.