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8 june 2005

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I hate that idea, too, not that I like Brian Eno's solution better (or that he looks all that great):

"I started to notice that you could buy keyboards of such complexity that you basically press one note on them and you've got a career as an ambient artist. I thought, there doesn't seem much challenge in that any longer." Instead, he says, he has been trying to rethink the way songs are written. His voice on the album comes laden with effects, in an attempt to "break down the idea that the voice represents the personality of the music and that that voice is my voice, speaking to you - I hate that idea".

Brian Eno interview in the Guardian on why he tried to unseat Tony Blair.

The Future of Media Activism


Communique 16: The Future of Media Activism Jammers,

Media activism, in all its disparate strains, is slowly but surely becoming a movement. In part, it's being spurred by the rise of information insecurity. But also by the growing realization that our corporate media system has a profound effect on nearly every other social and political issue we face. People, desperate for change, are organizing around media like never before. There's a feeling that media reform is truly the issue of issues, and that the wind is finally in our sails.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: June 4 & 5, 2005


The Thing is watching you

mukul from in London is sound artist-in-residence at The Thing for the next two weeks. Check out his collaboration with Ryuichi Sakamoto et al on chain music

C5 GPS Media Player

C5 GPS Media Player

The June 2005 gatepage for artport, the Whitney Museum's portal to Internet art, features the C5 GPS Media Player:

The C5 GPS Media Player was developed in conjunction with The C5 Landscape Initiative, a series of projects initiated by C5 that involve mapping, navigation and search of the landscape using GIS (Geographic Information Systems). The Landscape Initiative examines the changing conception of the landscape as we move from the aesthetics of representation to those of information visualization and interface.

Wal-Mart Documentary


Employees at Wal-Mart who can't afford the company medical plan are adivsed to apply for Medicare so we all subsidise the billionaires who own the company.

Robert Greenwald is making a documentary about Wal-Mart and is asking people to send in stories and/or video for the project.

Nin Brudermann Investigates (with Arfus Greenwood)


We met early afternoon at her Williamsburg loft, overlooking the East River. I had promised to show Nin how to transform her recipe for crepes into pancakes. We proceeded by way of exact measure. The results were questionable. The space between Kent Avenue and the river was remarkably quiet, punctuated by the occasional call of a seagull. We ate crepe-cakes and chatted.

Origins of Virtualism: An Interview with Frank Popper Conducted by Joseph Nechvatal


This is the entire unedited interview that appeared in the Spring 2004 issue of the CAA Art Journal pp. 62 — 77 (images by Josph Scheer, Matthias Groebel, Michael Rees and Victoria Vesna).

The interview was begun June 17th, 2003 Paris and concluded July 28th, 2003 Paris.

PIX: TT World HQ


Inside The Thing World Headquarters and up on the roof:

TT World Headquarters


ANNOUNCEMENTS: May 28 & 29, 2005


Alan Sonfist "Time Landscape (1965-1978-Present)"
Discussion, book signing and reception
The Human/Nature series is pleased to announce the second event in its landmark series in honor of the 40th anniversary of Alan Sonfist's Time Landscape

Wednesday, June 1, 7:00-8:30 pm
The Gabarron Foundation -- Carriage House Center for the Arts
149 East 38th Street (btw Lex and 3rd Aves), New York City newsletter